1. Beast Mode: The MT2760

Matco’s new Stubby Impact Wrench is small, powerful and exactly what you need to get the job done. Turn heads in the shop when you bust out your new ½” Stubby Impact Wrench (MT2760) and get to work. Wondering why you should add this new impact wrench to your tool collection? Keep reading. The powerful […]

2. The Matco Glossary

With a new line of work comes a new list of things to learn. We’re here to help with some of the most common terms you’ll come across upon starting as a new Matco franchisee. Starting a new business comes with its share of challenges and questions. We at Matco pride ourselves on providing our […]

3. Work From Home: Full or Part-Time

Looking for a part-time job where you get to call the shots and create your own schedule? Our smaller franchise offering, Matco 225, may be the perfect fit for you. The great thing about Matco 225 is that it fits your needs and schedule while still giving you the benefits of business ownership without overextending […]

5. Meet the MTXTREME

Introducing the Most Powerful 12/24V Jump Starter and Charging Station on the Market. Matco’s new MTXTREME now gives technicians the ability to jump start large trucks, diesels, boats and other large automotive equipment with a compact, easy-to-use-tool. Top Reasons the MTXTREME is a shop must-have: 1.) Multiple charging options. The MTXTREME includes two USB output ports […]

9. maxME is Taking the Field By Storm

Don’t get stuck with yesterday’s technology – you can finally own your own diagnostics tablet. Sharing a diagnostics tablet with other technicians flat out stinks. So why continue doing it day-after-day? With Matco’s new maxME, you can have your own scan tool for less than $1,000. For $850 and pay-as-you-go software coverage, you don’t have to […]