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15 Uses for MOTOR Manuals

15 Uses for MOTOR Manuals

Matco Tools and MOTOR have partnered to offer technicians the ability to purchase MOTOR’s expansive collection of manuals exclusively from Matco.

Matco’s nearly 2,000 distributors make it easier than ever for auto techs to purchase any repair manual and labor time guide as well as professional automotive tools from one single source—Matco.

Since 1979, the mission of Matco Tools has been to provide professional mechanics and auto enthusiasts with all the premium tools, storage and equipment they need to get the job done, while also offering best-in-class service and customer support.

Since 1903, MOTOR’s mission has been to provide customers with accurate, thorough and timely information to help run their businesses more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

What are the Best Auto Repair Manuals?

MOTOR Information Systems is one of the world’s premier suppliers of automotive data and auto repair manuals.

MOTOR offers print and electronic manuals to perform maintenance and repairs on light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with 15 specific MOTOR manuals.

Auto technicians can get manuals, labor time guides, and automotive tools from a single point of contact—Matco Tools.

What MOTOR Manuals are Currently Being Sold Through Matco Tools?

  1. MOTOR - Specification GuideThe number 1 'go-to' quick reference specification guide used nationwide. Delivers quick access to current OEM specifications you need to fix the vehicle and get it out the door.
  2. MOTOR - Emission Control Systems Application Guide - Emission state required manual with multi-year coverage for domestic and import cars, light trucks, SUV's, medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Meets or exceeds state requirements in emission and state inspection states
  3. MOTOR - Heavy Truck Service (Thumb Drive) - Our heavy-duty truck service thumb drive gives you easy access to the data you need when repairing medium & heavy duty trucks
  4. MOTOR - Heavy Truck Repair Manual - This 2-volume book set gives you the OEM repair information you need to keep your trucks running
  5. MOTOR - Labor Guide Manual - Divider tabs make finding the right data quick and easy and the books include detailed alphabetical labor operations index. Labor operations are unique to the aftermarket.
  6. MOTOR - Heavy Truck Specification Guide - This handy guide gives you fast access to a huge variety of mechanical specifications. Covers both medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
  7. MOTOR - Timing Belt & Chain Replacement Guide - This user-friendly guide gives you the key information to not only replace timing belts, but the tools needed when communicating with your customers as to why belt replacement is necessary.
  8. MOTOR - Heavy Truck Wiring Diagram Manual - This (2) volume book set gives you multi-year coverage for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Books cover OEM factory wiring diagrams on systems such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, ECM and BCM wiring, lighting and horns, instrumentation, wiper motors, air conditioning and heating, charging systems, power windows and locks and many more.
  9. MOTOR - Air Bag Quick Reference Guide – Includes technical service bulletins, trouble code identification and component location and service.
  10. MOTOR - Brake Specifications Guide – Considered the 'gold standard' reference guide used by thousands of shops nationwide. Book includes multi-year coverage for domestic and imported cars, light trucks, vans and SUV's. Also includes brake bleed sequence procedures.
  11. MOTOR - Emission Control Vacuum Hose Routing & Component Location Manual - Fully meets the California BAR requirements for approved SMOG stations. Book includes multi-year coverage for domestic & imported cars, light trucks, vans, SUV's, medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Includes EGR diagnostics.
  12. MOTOR - Interior Panel Removal Guide - Replacement procedures for interior door panels, instrument panels, floor consoles, door handles, door latch, cylinders and exterior mirrors. Exploded views show hidden fastener locations. Book's illustrations show the type of fasteners.
  13. MOTOR - Quick Lubrication Guide - Domestic and imported cars, light trucks, vans and SUV coverage. Provides multiple services including: oil light reset procedures, crankcase oil type and refill capacities, air conditioning fluid and fill specifications, cooling system fluid type and refill capacities and many more.
  14. MOTOR - Transmission Fluid Service Guide - Domestic and import coverage for cars, light duty trucks, vans and SUVs. Book contains information for: automatic/manual transmission, severe service intervals, gearbox check/fill plug bolt types and sizes and much more.
  15. MOTOR - Truck & Van Labor Time Guide - Medium- and heavy-duty truck labor times. Commercial light trucks and van labor times. Book includes medium and heavy-duty truck component manufacturers.

Take a look at all MOTOR manuals that are available exclusively from Matco!

Ask your local Matco distributor for more details.