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5 Ways You Can Help Your Spouse As They Start Their Own Franchise Business

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

Sometimes people find themselves in need of a change. Maybe the current job isn’t working out the way that you originally hoped. The hours you work are not ideal, and the day drags by because you’re doing something you no longer love.

The only thing that is harder than experiencing this feeling is watching your spouse go through it and not be able to help. Or can you?

Often when a new franchise owner joins the Matco Tools team, they are strongly supported by their spouse. And we don’t just mean that they become business partners. There are a number of ways that loved ones have supported Matco franchise owners from the very beginning.

Here are the 5 most common ways that spouses support our franchise owners while they start the journey to achieving their dreams.

#1 They Ask the Important Questions

There is always a need to reflect when making a big decision, like buying a franchise. By sitting down together and coming up with a list of questions, couples are not only able to address their concerns up front, but have a meaningful discussion on the possibilities and changes. Discussing these important things together allows the pair to come to a thoughtful and united decision.

#2 Experience the Business

Many spouses prefer to take an active part in the business itself simply by showing up while the owner is at work. Getting to see first-hand what the owner does allows the spouse to relate to the challenges and victories that their partner experiences.

#3 Participation

Actively engaging with the elements of the business allows spouses to assist their significant others in reaching their goals. Many spouses participate by attending business reviews and sales meetings. Some even ride-along with their significant others and are more involved in day-to-day sales and bookkeeping.

#4 Schedule

Another great thing about owning a Matco Tools franchise is that it provides owners with an opportunity to build time into their schedules to attend some of life’s most significant moments. Coach your child’s football team, attend those really important dance recitals, hang out in the backyard with your family. This business also allows spouses to schedule alone time with their partners. It’s important to make time for each other outside of work and take a mental break now and again.

#5 Emotional Support

This process, without question, will bring a number of changes along with it. So, it is important that spouses provide as much support as possible, especially in the emotional realm. There may be some bumps during the process and it is imperative that spouses are there to listen and support their partner.

The Road to Success

Anything is possible when you set your mind to it, including owning a franchise. As new franchise owners start their journeys, feeling supported by another individual, especially their significant other, makes the process so much easier. Owning a franchise is a valuable and life-changing opportunity, and it should add, not detract, from your personal life.

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