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The Best Heavy-Duty Pry Bar Set to Own – NOW IN BLUE!

Posted by Andy Metzger

Are tool colors important to you? The voice of many have been heard and Matco has been rolling out additional blue in our automotive tools product lines. Matco Tools has announced the latest hand tool release is a line of pry bars with new blue handles.

When Do You Use a Pry Bar?

If you are in a pinch, need leverage, or just need a tool to hold a part under tension, the pry bar can be a technician’s best friend. With various uses in any garage, an automotive pry bar set should be a part of every mechanic tools collection.

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What Sets Matco's Pry Bars Apart?

Proudly made in the USA, this heavy-duty pry bar set is known for dependability and ruggedness that lasts. The blade is heat treated and tempered which is run through the handle for maximum strength and durability.

The 2-part over-mold handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip that helps reduce fatigue with extended use. A steel end cap provides a solid surface for more accurate striking and maximum strength.

Matco Tools offer pry bars that are available in a variety of lengths, giving you the right leverage for the job, especially in hard-to-reach, confined spaces. From a 4 piece pry bar set that includes 8", 12", 17" and 25" curved pry bars, a 36" curved pry bar, 42" curved pry bar and a 58" curved pry bar, the pry bars have a 23° angle tip for bona fide prying power.


Matco's Automotive Pry Bar in Different Shades.

Matco can help you pry like a pro with lasting toughness you need day in and day out. Blue not your thing? Matco has you covered with green, orange and red handle pry bars and pry bar sets.


Questions about Matco Tools? Be sure to reach out to your local distributor or reach out to our team of experts at 866.BUY.TOOL.

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