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Brushless vs. Brushed Power Tools – What’s the Difference?

Posted by Andy Metzger

You work hard every day—your tools should work hard for you too! No longer living in the stone age, tools and equipment have become stronger, smarter, and more efficient.

Innovations in power tools have continued to improve in power and extend their working life. One of these developments is dumping the brushes in the motor to a brushless technology.

What are Brushes?

Typically made of carbon, a motor brush is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part in a motor, ensuring a spark-free commutation. This helps reduce the damage to the motor. The lifespan of a carbon brush depends on how much the motor is used, and how much power is put through the motor.

Advantages of Brushless Tools

There are certain benefits when you ditch the brushes in your power tools. Many of the tools in Matco’s Cordless Infinium line include brushless technology, which give the following advantages over their brushed motor counterparts:

  • Capable of packing more power, torque, and speed – Brushes aren’t going to slow these tools down! Less friction=more power!
  • Longer lifespan – Less wear and tear compared to brushed motor tools. A brushless motor can run up to 50 percent cooler, avoiding excessive heat buildup.
  • Easier to maintain – No need to replace brushes, which typically need replaced every 50 to 60 hours of use. No downtime for your shop tools!
  • Smaller and lighter – Get into tighter spaces and lose the unnecessary weight!
  • Energy efficient – Brushes rub which causes friction, which leads to energy loss.
  • More responsive – Brushless motors will only use enough power to accomplish the job, where a brushed motor will use the same amount of power no matter what resistance it is up against. This can also extend the life of your battery!
  • Noiseless operation – Drop the noise pollution while you work, as brushless motors produce significantly less noise compared to brushed motors.


Disadvantages of Brushless Tools

With the many advantages to brushless motor automotive tools, there can also be some drawbacks. Most notably, brushless motors can run a bit more cash compared to the brushed counterparts. Due to the refined electrical system, the cost tends to be a bit more. However, with the increased lifespan of the tool, it can pay off in the long run.

Is a brushless motor better than a brushed motor? There is certainly an argument to be made for each style. However, the advantages of brushless tools can outweigh their counterpart due to an extended working life, low maintenance, and being a lighter, more compact tool.

The great news is that Matco can accommodate your preference of power tools with our array of options. Check out the tool catalog and find your perfect fit!

Questions about Matco Tools? Be sure to reach out to your local distributor or reach out to our team of experts at 866.BUY.TOOL.

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