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Jenn's Unwavering Resilience: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey

Jenn's Unwavering Resilience: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Matco Tools proudly presents the remarkable story of breast cancer survivor and shop co-owner Jenn B., a testament to courage, strength, and hope. Jenn was nominated to be a featured warrior by her Matco Distributors and friends, John B. and Patti H. who said, 

"Our nominee for Warriors Wear Pink is our customer and friend Jenn. She and her partner, Travis operate a transmission repair shop in Woodstock, Ontario Canada. We’ve been servicing their shop for approximately 18 months and in that time our relationship has grown from professional to personal. Earlier this year, Jenn and Travis confided in us that Jenn had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. Each week we see her. Always at her desk, keeping her business rolling. She’s never once had a “poor me” attitude. She has an amazing story to tell and we feel her story will inspire those going through this and hopefully encourage others to take the time to get tested."

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Jenn's journey began in February 2012 when she discovered a lump, which led to a whirlwind of medical tests and a heart-wrenching call from her doctor. She candidly shares, "Late February 2012 I noticed a lump, so off to my family doc I went. He didn’t seem concerned, but my nurse was. She fast-tracked a mammogram and a week later I was having my 'squish' March Break 2012."

Determined to conquer the disease, Jenn embraced a rigorous treatment plan that included chemotherapy and surgery. She vividly recalls, "Then a biopsy… I got the call from my doctor…10:30 am on a gloomy March morning… 'Jenn, I don’t have good news'…" and the oncologist who guided her, "Then met with this very short oncologist and she was so passionate about having me beat this thing! Nadia! She gave me her game plan: 8 chemo sessions 2 weeks apart…with the Red Devil!"

After years of follow-ups and life returning to a semblance of normalcy, an unexpected setback occurred in October 2022. Jenn reflects on this challenging period, "Fast track to October 2022… I went for my annual mammogram. They found something was 'off' in my other breast (aka formerly known as the good boob!)."

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Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 and unforeseen delays, Jenn faced her diagnosis with unwavering resolve. Her decision to undergo surgery in March 2023 demonstrated her fearless attitude, as she humorously recounts, "I told her: 'Off with them!' I was booked for what I call an amputation… March the 6th. My mom’s birthday. It wasn’t given a second thought, just take the problem off!"

A second battle with cancer led to genetic testing, revealing the hereditary nature of her breast cancer. Jenn embarked on a 12-week chemotherapy journey, marked by moments of strength and occasional allergic reactions. She shares her experience, "I did have a couple allergic reactions to the chemo, but it was managed on site at the cancer center. BUT I found a silver lining during those 12 weeks… Benadryl has a nice calming effect!"

Jenn-1Through it all, Jenn maintained her sense of humor and a positive outlook. She continued to work tirelessly at her shop, with the support of her partner, Travis, and her sons. In Jenn's words, "All the tests, jabs, reactions, and medications were worth it… my sons and my partner Travis were my motivating factor to beat this beast."

Jenn's message resonates: breast cancer doesn't always provide clear signals. Her remarkable journey illustrates the importance of a strong support system and the determination to face adversity head-on. In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Matco Tools is honored to celebrate amazing survivors like Jenn. Be sure to visit to view the Tools for the Cause to join us in the fight for a cure. Together we can drive change.