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Master Tough Automotive Jobs Faster with the REX Air Impact Wrench

Master Tough Automotive Jobs Faster with the REX Air Impact Wrench

Tired of struggling with stubborn lug nuts and bolts? Do you wish there was a tool that could make tough automotive jobs a breeze? The new king of torque has arrived to strike fear into stubborn fasteners. The REX air impact wrench is Matco’s best-in-class pneumatic impact wrench, the ultimate solution for tackling even the most challenging tasks with ease and efficiency.

Best Air Impact Wrench to Improve Productivity

With an astounding 1,700 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque, the MT3779 REX pneumatic impact wrench delivers unrivaled power, allowing you to conquer automotive jobs with pure power. Say goodbye to hours of frustration and hello to a tool that gets the job done in no time.

The MT3779 1/2" drive impact gun is specifically designed to terrorize hard-to-remove lug nuts and bolts. No matter how stubborn they may be, this tool is up to the challenge. Don't waste valuable time and energy wrestling with fasteners when you can effortlessly remove them with our precision-crafted impact gun.

When it comes to changing tires and lug nuts, speed is of the essence. Our air impact wrench boasts an impressive 7,500 RPM, making it the perfect tool for swift and efficient tire changes. Don't let time slip away from you – equip yourself with the best air impact wrench on the market and conquer tire changes like a pro.


The REX Pneumatic Impact Wrench is a Mechanic’s Best Friend on the Job

We understand the importance of comfort and maneuverability, especially when working in tight spaces. That's why our impact gun features a lightweight composite body weighing only 4.6 lbs. Say goodbye to muscle strain and hello to effortless control. Its compact design allows you to access even the most confined areas.

Experience the pinnacle of performance with a variable speed throttle. Not only does it provide optimal comfort and control, but it also reduces vibration, allowing you to work for longer periods without fatigue. Feel the difference as you effortlessly navigate through tasks, knowing that every movement is precise and accurate.

Boost your productivity with an impressive 1,250 blows per minute. Experience a significant increase in efficiency and complete tasks in record time. Our impact wrench is designed to help you achieve more in less time, allowing you to take on more projects and reach new heights of efficiency.

MT3779 REX 1/2" pneumatic impact wrench lineup

Ultimate Durability and Easy Maintenance for Maximum Auto Technician Uptime

Maintenance should never be a hassle. That's why we've equipped our impact wrench with a large grease fitting, making it effortless to keep your tool in top-notch condition. A properly maintained tool ensures optimum performance and longevity of your investment.

Durability is a top priority for us at Matco Tools. That's why our high-torque air impact wrench features a shot-peened anvil, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance. With this tool in your arsenal, you can trust that it will withstand the demands of any automotive job.

Don't settle for subpar tools when it comes to automotive jobs. Upgrade to the best air impact wrench on the market and revolutionize the way you work: REX. Experience power, precision, and efficiency like never before. Master tough automotive jobs faster with our ultimate air impact wrench. Get yours today and unleash your full potential.

Matco Tools has the power any mechanic needs. Whether you're looking for cordless power tools, or pneumatic power tools, we've can help you take on any automotive repair with ease.

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