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Matco Tools New 16v Cordless Sealed Head Ratchets Are Next Level

Matco Tools New 16v Cordless Sealed Head Ratchets Are Next Level

A tool many automotive technicians say they can’t live without is the cordless ratchet, reaching for this same tool day in and day out. A durable, dependable cordless ratchet is a crucial automotive tool to keep any mechanic productive.

What are the Benefits of Cordless Sealed Head Ratchets?

Enter the sealed head cordless ratchet. Matco’s 16v sealed head ratchet’s fully sealed head design to protect inner components from dust and debris to increase tool durability to extend the life of the ratchet. The sealed head also prevents torque loss due to head spread, sustaining tool power and efficiency.


What Sets Matco's 16v Sealed Head Ratchets Apart?Matco's Cordless Sealed Head Ratchet Lower Forward/Reverse Lever

The lower head forward/reverse lever is a complete game changer in productivity. It allows for one hand forward/reverse change as well as easier direction changes make it less likely you back yourself into a jam.

A new housing design for the Matco Infinium™ ratchets incorporates an updated and brighter LED light with tremendous dispersion that illuminates the entire workspace. The light is trigger activated for when you’re ready to get the job done.

A powerful car repair tool, the 3/8” sealed head ratchet boasts 70 ft. lbs. of torque & 270 RPM, while the 1/4” sealed head ratchet gives the user 42 ft. lbs. of torque and 300 RPM, providing an ideal recipe for power & speed.

The lifeline of any automotive technician is the tools they use every day and Matco has various 16v cordless ratchets to help get the job done more efficiently. Whether you are just starting out as a professional technician, or someone with years of experience, it's great to find a tool that can be beneficial to nearly any work environment and Matco’s battery powered ratchets do not disappoint.

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