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Matco Distributor Spotlight: DeWayne

Posted by Molly Ryan

Meet Matco Franchise Owner DeWayne

Many people dream of owning their own business. They want to make their own decisions, take time off when they want to, and have greater control over their income. Franchise owner DeWayne was able to do this by joining the Matco family 8 years ago.

Tool Truck Franchise

Take it from Matco Franchise Owner DeWayne G., a hard-working family man from Indiana. When asked, he's quick to tell you "wish I started 10 years earlier."  He now owns three Matco tool truck routes. His first mobile franchise has been operating for 8 years.

And his other two mobile tool stores?

He's able to employ his best friend who has been running a tool truck for 4 years, and most recently, his daughter who is going on her second year in the automotive franchise business.

Not to mention, DeWayne was named Top Distributor in his district for 2019. Inspired by his amazing accomplishments, we sat down with DeWayne in an interview and got to know a bit more about his story and life as a Matco distributor.

Matco Franchise Distributor Q&A

Q: Did you have any sales experience prior to becoming a Matco Distributor?

A: “No I did not. As a matter of fact, I have three stores and none of us were in sales. It’s quick to learn though.”

Q: How has owning a Matco Franchise impacted your life?

A: “In quite a big way. My wife and I never really had a shot of retiring before. At 39, she lost her job in a factory after 17 years. At 40 she went back to school to be a nurse. That kind of spring boarded us towards Matco. We really got to thinking about becoming a Distributor, but we had no idea what we could accomplish if we hunkered down and went all in. We were looking at retirement and thought ‘we can actually do this’.”

Q: How does being a business owner through Matco affect family life?

A: “If I need to be somewhere for my family, I can just go and adjust my hours. For example, I can leave and then come back to close up around 9 o’clock. I even have family time on the job. Sometimes I’ll have one of my grand kids riding in the truck with me. It’s so awesome.”

Q: What does your average week as a franchisee look like?

A: “I like to get there right as the first shop opens. We generally roll out near 6 o’clock in the morning. Not all my workers work the same amount I do. They’ll work about 40-45 hours per week. I’m about 55-60 all in, which is not crazy or unheard of for a business owner. If you get into a routine, it’s really not bad. I call Mondays my short days because I leave at 6 am and get done at 3. I  use the extra time to catch up on things throughout the week. It’s a good mix of being around people and driving. It’s really a cool way to make a living.”

Q: Do you have a favorite Matco memory?

A: "One of the greatest things we ended up doing was our first year at the Matco Tools Expo. It was a really big deal for us because we got to stay in the nicest hotel we had ever been to up until that point. It was a great experience."


Matco Expo 2020 Interview with DeWayne

HubSpot Video


Matco Tools would not be the automotive franchise company it is today without our amazing distributors. We are very proud to have people like DeWayne as a part of the Matco family.

If his success story resonates with you, we encourage you to learn more about becoming a Matco distributor and how it can change your life. 

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