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Own Your Own Tool Franchise & Be Your Own Boss

Own Your Own Tool Franchise & Be Your Own Boss

Is it time to break out of the 9 to 5 PM routine and make your own schedule? 

By becoming a Matco Tools distributor you decide when to work and how often you see your customers; it’s finally time to have the lifestyle you want.


Matco Tool TruckWhen you become a Matco Tools distributor you have the control of running your own business and having a say in your future. Most people work for someone else because they have to, but becoming a Matco Tools distributor means you’ll finally have the freedom of calling the shots at work.

Our distributors are independent business owners who make their own decisions, manage their own schedules and in most cases, answer only to their spouse.

Matco Tools is one of the few franchise systems that offers in-house financing to those who qualify. Matco’s Financial Service group has a dedicated team that will assist you with your financial needs as you start your new business. This means we can finance up to 100% of any start-up costs you may incur with a loan that can be amortized for up to 10 years, making your franchise investment more accessible and keeping your weekly payments low.

Open routes offer franchise owners an exclusive territory that has at least 325 potential customers. With Matco, you lease a new or used truck, buy an initial inventory and start visiting the 325 potential customers that have already been informed about your arrival. 

There’s no need to worry about finding your own customers, because all you have to do is simply show up to the shops on the route we have created for you.

If your still not sure if this is the right fit for you and your family, that’s completely natural.

To see some real Matco distributors and families in action watch Partnering with Matco Tools.

To take the next step with a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Works" report. This form is simply an initial indicator in finding out if franchising is right for you and your family. It will in no way commit you to buying a franchise.

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Note that Matco can provide up to 100% of your franchise financing in-house if you qualify.