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Get the Diagnostic Coverage you Need at an Affordable Price

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Sharing a diagnostics tablet with other technicians flat out stinks. So why continue doing it day-after-day?

With Matco’s maxME scan tool, you can have your own scan tool for $1,000 with a pay-as-you-go software coverage, you don’t have to share a scan tool anymore.


Not only does the price point make this device different from others on the market, but its patented pay-as-you-go software coverage lets you pay for the coverage that’s right for you. That’s right, you don’t have to continue paying outrageous prices for costly software bundled into your tablet. If you primarily work on Ford, then purchase the Ford subscription to gain access to all Ford models offered, like the Focus, Fusion, Mustang and any other models available. You can purchase as many car makes as you need and quickly add or remove coverage with a simple click right from your tablet screen. maxME offers coverage per make for $20 a month, per region for $60 a month and for $105 month you get access to all makes.


Why Don't You Have a Diagnostic Scan Tablet? 

The biggest issue technicians have with diagnostics tablets is the price point,” said Kimber Biniak, diagnostics product manager for Matco Tools. “It’s too expensive and they pay for software coverage they don’t use. If a technician can’t afford a tablet, that usually means he/she winds up sharing a scan tool with other techs in the shop making it difficult to get jobs done quickly. maxME’s price point is affordable for everyone and gives technicians the option of choosing software coverage they use most. maxME lets anyone get the job done faster and more accurately than ever before.”

There’s no need to wait around trying to get the job done because someone else is using the shop diagnostics tablet – with maxME, you can have your own. More jobs completed, means more money in your pocket. It’s time to get the job done faster with your own diagnostics tablet – maxME.

For more information about Matco's maxME diagnostic scan tool, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit


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Air Saw Technology: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

Matco Tools’ product lineup now includes the MT2219 Gear Driven Air Saw, offering technicians the most powerful air saw on the market. The technologically-advanced MT2219 functions like a standard air saw, but has one key difference—a geared mechanism that produces additional torque, providing 87% more power than competitor saws while improving speed and efficiency.

Matco's Geared Air Saw (MT2219) vs. Standard Air Saw

The MT2219 features a patent-pending, gear-transmitted design that provides more than double the cutting capacity over standard air saws. The saw can cut through up to 5mm of sheet metal and even steel tubes more efficiently, providing users with more power to save time. A 360-degree swivel exhaust ring directs air flow away from the technician, and a variable speed trigger provides complete control in every job at hand.

It is always our goal to produce tools that make our customers’ job as easy as possible,” said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools. “The MT2219 does just that by combining speed, power and durability into one easy-to-use air saw. Matco prides itself on creating tools that will deliver performance when it’s needed most, and this air saw is no exception.”

The MT2219 is not only the most powerful air saw on the market, but also one of the most long-lasting and comfortable. The greasable fitting allows the tool to be easily maintained, extending its life.  Plus, the nylon composite housing with an ergonomically designed handle creates a lightweight, balanced tool for less user fatigue and more comfortable operation for the long haul.

The MT2219 is available now exclusively from Matco Tools. To locate a distributor in your area or for more information on the product, call 1-866-289-8665 or check out our selection of air saws on our website.


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