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Matco - A Career for Veterans

Matco - A Career for Veterans


As military veterans transition from their service, they often ponder about the next step in their career. For many, the answer lies in owning a business. However, starting a business can be a daunting challenge. At Matco, we recognize the potential of veterans and their unique skill set. In this article, we will focus on the stories of men and women who have served our country and how their time in the service has helped them become successful Matco franchise owners.

Matco: Empowering Entrepreneurs

Matco Tools is dedicated to providing professional mechanics and auto enthusiasts with premium tools and equipment. Did you know that auto mechanics buy their own tools? To ensure a seamless experience, Matco franchise owners make weekly visits to automotive shops, servicing, selling, and warrantying tools out of a mobile tool store.

A Top Career for Veterans

At Matco, we are committed to offering veterans the opportunity to realize their dream of successful business ownership. Veterans who have joined our franchise have discovered that the skills they acquired during their military service translate into owning a personal tool business.

One of the key skills we've noticed in military veterans is their ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. Being a tool distributor is fundamentally a relationship business. As Matco Distributor DeWayne Gross puts it, "I’ve never sold anything in my life. It’s like I get to hang out with my buddies every day."

Moreover, veterans possess valuable career skills such as time management, ownership, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to service. These skills seamlessly transition into entrepreneurship, making Matco Franchise Owners successful in their veteran careers.

Feedback from Our Veteran Franchisees

  • Bill Ferguson, US Air Force:

   "Time in service is defined a great deal by the different men and women you serve with. This is great preparation for the nature of our business. The military values the ability to adapt and overcome situations and this lends to thinking outside of the box which can sometimes be the solution to earning customers and making sales happen."

  • Matthew Serrone, US Army:

   "It gave me the ability to deal with different types of people across a broad spectrum, and gave me the discipline to execute tasks on time when running a business."

  • David McGowen, US Navy:

   "I served as a Seabee with the Naval mobile construction battalion from 1992 - 2012. I worked on everything from a chain saw's to Caterpillar Dozers and EVERYTHING in between. I served in Iraq, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, Italy, and Japan ( not necessarily in that order ). You have to learn to adapt and more often than not work with what you have available. Upon retirement I worked on Bobcats for 6 years when I was approached by my current Matco Dist to take over his route. After a lot of prayer and discussions with my wife we jumped in feet first and are currently in our 5th year with Matco. Because of my experience with the Military I am able to help my customers and understand their needs, sometimes even being asked for help on how to fix a particular machine they are having trouble with and it's always fun to roll my sleeves up and get dirty if only for a few minutes. Being able to relate to my customers has been a huge plus."


The Advantages of the Franchise System

Starting a business from scratch can be a challenging process, riddled with costly mistakes. Many soldiers on terminal leave have limited time to make plans, which further complicates the process. The thought of securing real estate, product suppliers, employees, a legal team, and a marketing plan before making the first dollar can be overwhelming and discouraging.

However, the good news is that franchise systems like Matco have simplified the process of starting a successful business. With over 1,900 current Matco Franchisees and roughly 10-15% of them former military, we have developed a straightforward process to guide veterans in their post-military career as personal business owners

World-Class Training for Success

While starting a business may have its pitfalls, knowing how to run one is what determines a profitable career for our veterans. Matco understands this, and that's why we provide new franchisees with extensive business and industry skills through our world-class training program.

When you become a Matco Franchisee, you will receive a week of initial classroom training that covers essential topics such as:

  • How the mobile tool business works
  • Business software training
  • Sales techniques
  • Marketing and brand management
  • Product training
  • Financial management

Additionally, you will start your route with 80 hours of on-the-job training with a Field Trainer or District Manager. After gaining additional knowledge and experience, you will be invited back to Matco for further classroom training.


$10,000 Incentives for Veterans

We understand the importance of supporting our veterans as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey. That's why Matco offers $10,000 in incentives for veterans who join our franchise. These incentives can help ease the financial burden of starting a business and provide veterans with a head start in their new career.


Join Matco and Unleash Your Potential

At Matco, we believe in the power of veterans and their ability to excel as business owners. If you are a military veteran seeking a fulfilling and successful career, join the Matco family. We will provide you with the tools, training, and support necessary to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Together, let's build a future where veterans thrive as Matco Franchise Owners.


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