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Matco - A Career for Veterans

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One of the most common questions soldiers have when planning the end of their military service is what the next step in their career will be. For you, the answer might be to own a business, however getting started can be a big challenge.

Below we will explain why military veterans are successful as Matco franchise owners, as well as the advantages franchise systems bring to new entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

First, About Matco…

Matco Tools supplies professional mechanics and auto enthusiasts with premium tools and equipment to get the job done. Did you know auto mechanics buy their own tools? In order to avoid interrupting a busy day of car repairs, Matco franchise owners make weekly visits to automotive shops where they service, sell, and warranty tools out of a mobile tool store.

A Top Career for Veterans

Where You Fit In

At Matco, we are committed to offering veterans the opportunity to realize their dream of successful business ownership. When asked, Matco’s veterans would agree the skills they’ve acquired from military service translate into owning a personal tool business.

One skill we’ve found that military veterans often possess is the ability to communicate with people who may be unlike themselves. Being a tool distributor is at its core a relationship business. To quote Matco Distributor DeWayne Gross I’ve never sold anything in my life. It’s like I get to hang out with my buddies every day.

Other valuable career skills that veterans tend to have include time management, ownership, strong work ethic, and commitment to service. These are the job skills that translate into entrepreneurship and thus great veteran careers as Matco Franchise Owners.

The Franchise System

Although many soldiers on terminal leave have time to make plans, starting a business from scratch can be a difficult process that includes costly mistakes! Some of the top concerns when starting a business alone include securing real estate, product suppliers, employees, a legal team, and a marketing plan (to name just a few). The thought of getting all of this done before making even your first dollar is enough to stop most people before they ever get started.

The Good news is that franchise systems like Matco have simplified the process to get started successfully. Our experience with over 1,900 current Matco Franchisees means starting your post-military career as a personal business owner is laid out into a straightforward process.


World-Class Training

While starting a business can have its pitfalls, knowing how to run one is what determines a profitable career for our veterans. Matco employs a team of world-class trainers who provide new franchisees with extensive business and industry skills they will use daily. That means those who have no automotive, tool, or sales experience won’t find themselves at a disadvantage as a Matco Franchisee.

When you start a Matco Franchise you’re provided with a week of initial classroom training that covers important topics such as:

  • How the mobile tool business works
  • Business software training
  • Sales techniques
  • Marketing & brand management
  • Product training
  • Financial management

In addition, you’ll start your route with 80 hours of on-the-job training with a Field Trainer or District Manager. After gaining some additional knowledge and experience on your own, you’re then invited back to Matco for additional classroom training.

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