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Top 10 Mechanic Gift Ideas for the Auto Tech Who Has Everything

Posted by Tom White

No matter how well you may know people in your life, it’s often tough to find the perfect auto mechanic gift.  You may think they already have it, or you don’t know if a tool is something they’d really use or like.  It’s the thought that counts and finding that unique mechanic gift can make for a memorable experience. 

To help them—and you—out, we’ve put together a handy list of some popular and most useful gifts for mechanics on our website.

What’s a Good Gift for a Mechanic?

The 10 best mechanic gift ideas for the professional in your life:

1.  Hyper Step Drill Bits

A new patented Hyper-Step tip design, the drill bits in the 29-piece hyper-step drill bit set are designed to cut 45% faster making them an excellent choice for sheet metal and other hardened metals. Made to eliminate drill starter pilot holes, the bits also feature three-flatted shanks that reduce the slippage normally seen with key-less chucks

29 hyper DB29HS_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-jcH31X4q-f

2. Top Torque Screwdriver Set

Need optimum turning power and torque from your screwdrivers?

The 10-piece fluorescent Top Torque II screwdriver set features rugged, long-lasting high-alloy German steel blades and precision machined tips for a perfect fit. Plus, greasy hands are no match for the patented slip-resistant handle surface 

screw driver SSPCF10C_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-9IDUvAh64M


3. ADV Sockets

The 1/2" drive ADV 30-piece metric 6-point standard and deep impact socket set distributes torque much better than others in its class. Precision engineered for performance that won't let you down with dependability and consistent product performance 


4. Pocket Dial Floodlight

Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts that mean the most and the pocket dial floodlight This small 400-lumen Chips on Board (COB) light provides up to five hours of light and is equipped with two magnets - one on the clip and one on the base. Extra lenses are available 

Lumen MPLFL_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-MNOXpKuYcF

5. Universal Impact Sockets

Easy to read markings and a better grab makes the 1/4" drive ADV 12-piece metric 6-point universal impact socket set a great addition to any professional auto technician’s toolbox. Opti-Torque system applies torque to the fastener sides reducing corner round off

ADV 12 piece SAUPM126V_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-7jOWtl9fX9

6. Alligator Pliers

Need non-slipping grip for any shaped object? 

The Knipex 3-piece alligator pliers set makes any tough job that much easier by protecting your fingers from being pinched. Box-joint design provides directional stability with 9 adjustment positions 

Knipex PA3S_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-D2fX2XaGrE


7.  Inline Skate Creeper

Need an inline skate creeper with a nice low profile?

This bright orange beauty features skate-style rollers that are super strong. The easy-to-clean surface repels solvents, greases, and fuels. Incredibly lightweight, it provides optimum comfort for any job

creeper MCO2B_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-PnkBFMCGOn


8. 1/4" Impact Wrench (Cordless)

It might be small, but it provides up to 60 ft. lbs. of max torque. The 12V cordless Infinium 1/4" impact wrench kit features ergonomic variable speed with one hand forward/reverse knob that makes changing direction in tight quarters easy. Compact, powerful tool is perfect for work under the hood or in the interior where larger tools have a tough time operating 

12 V MCL1214IWK_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-dczsC6JRZj

9. Eighty8 Tooth Flex Ratchet

Need the perfect ratchet for tight spaces?

The 3/8" drive 11-1/2" Eighty8 tooth locking flex chrome ratchet with its unique 9-position flex head is a smoother, stronger choice compared to other ratchets on the market. Slim profile and streamlined teardrop ratchet head for improved access in the most compact areas 

88 tooth_ProductImage_PrimaryImage_400-jpg-pagespeed-ic-8k9bb9r0Cw

10. Moisture Repellent Tool Bag

Our very own rain-repellent Matco 20-pocket tool bag comes with 10 wide pockets on the exterior and 10 fitted ones inside. Fully lined and big enough to handle both air and power tools as well as socket sets and more. The padded shoulder strap and double hand straps make transportation a breeze 

Looking for more WOW factor?  Gift your mechanic a brand new, American-made toolbox.




Maximus Lite Diagnostic Scan Tool


This entry-level scan tool is the most advanced and powerful code reader in the business. It features full coverage ABS, airbag, engine and transmission - codes, live data and graphing in "basic mode".  This easy to navigate scan tool is Wi-Fi enabled with one-click automatic updates.  

For more information and other great mechanic gift ideas, talk to your local Matco Tools distributor today or visit our complete tool catalog at


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