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Matco Toolbox Survives Total Shop Fire

Posted by Andy Metzger

Driving into work is something we all do that is an ordinary event that we take for granted. For Travis in Marysville, OH, it was anything but uneventful one day in March. He happened to arrive to work just a little late due to a doctor’s appointment for his son. When he pulled up to the shop where he does work on classic car restoration, he was turned away by the fire brigade due to a massive fire at the shop.

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Matco Tools New 16v Cordless Sealed Head Ratchets Are Next Level

Posted by Andy Metzger

A tool many automotive technicians say they can’t live without is the cordless ratchet, reaching for this same tool day in and day out. A durable, dependable cordless ratchet is a crucial automotive tool to keep any mechanic productive.

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How Low Can Student Tool Discounts Go?

Posted by Tom White


You need the best tools to perform your job. Even on a tight budget, you can still acquire the best repair tools to launch your mechanic career. Matco Tools wants you to be successful and we can help with our student discount program.

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Franchise Glossary

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

With a career change comes a new list of things to learn. We’re here to help with some of the most common terms you’ll come across upon starting as a new Matco Tools franchisee.

Starting a new business comes with its share of challenges and questions. We at Matco pride ourselves on providing our new franchisees with all the support they’ll need to succeed – that’s what makes us a family.

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The Toughest Tool Boxes Just Got More Powerful

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

If you want power, you want Matco.

As the traditional automotive shop evolves, so does storage and tool boxes that technicians use on a daily basis. That’s why Matco’s Power Toolboxes are different from the rest.

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