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The Most Powerful Tool in the Box: Maximus 2.0

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

A professional, automotive tool that bridges the gap between smart phones and smart diagnostics.

Matco Tools’ Maximus 2.0 is an expandable, robust and wireless Android™ based scan tool tablet that has vast vehicle coverage for Asian, European, and Domestic applications.

The Maximus 2.0 is designed for maximum functionality, efficiency and productivity. Now technicians receive weekly diagnostic information updates offering the latest coverage enhancements. With the click of a button, technicians can update a single car line in less than one minute. The tablet is also built to IP65 specifications meaning it’s not only drop-tested and dustproof, but it’s also waterproof withstanding a stream of water in all directions.

Further extending the efficiency and ease-of-use is the new module ID and VIN scan feature. A technician can simply take a picture of a vehicle’s VIN number and all available vehicle information will be displayed automatically right on the screen. In addition to its many features, the Maximus 2.0 comes with a true docking station with VGA, audio out, Ethernet, 2 USB ports (battery charge and data transfer) as well as connector storage – ready to use anywhere, anytime.

“As technology continues to advance, we want to make sure we are integrating the latest and greatest into our products,” said Kimber Fabrick, diagnostics product manager for Matco Tools. “By expanding our diagnostics line, we are providing more options for technicians to choose from based on their specific needs."


Featuring a 10.1-inch high-resolution, capacitive touch screen, and front and rear cameras, it’s easier than ever to capture still photos and videos, as well as load any third-party app available for the Android™ operating system. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities technicians have constant access to more information, faster.

All of the Maximus 2.0 features lead to maximum productivity for both the technician and the shop – boosting overall profits. With one click, technicians can reset an automatic oil light or complete a manual procedure. The MDMAX2 is also expandable with optional modules for a battery tester, sensor simulator and lab scope.

Be more productive at the shop or at home with the Maximus 2.0!


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Air Saw Technology: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

Matco Tools’ product lineup now includes the MT2219 Gear Driven Air Saw, offering technicians the most powerful air saw on the market. The technologically-advanced MT2219 functions like a standard air saw, but has one key difference—a geared mechanism that produces additional torque, providing 87% more power than competitor saws while improving speed and efficiency.

Matco's Geared Air Saw (MT2219) vs. Standard Air Saw

The MT2219 features a patent-pending, gear-transmitted design that provides more than double the cutting capacity over standard air saws. The saw can cut through up to 5mm of sheet metal and even steel tubes more efficiently, providing users with more power to save time. A 360-degree swivel exhaust ring directs air flow away from the technician, and a variable speed trigger provides complete control in every job at hand.

It is always our goal to produce tools that make our customers’ job as easy as possible,” said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools. “The MT2219 does just that by combining speed, power and durability into one easy-to-use air saw. Matco prides itself on creating tools that will deliver performance when it’s needed most, and this air saw is no exception.”

The MT2219 is not only the most powerful air saw on the market, but also one of the most long-lasting and comfortable. The greasable fitting allows the tool to be easily maintained, extending its life.  Plus, the nylon composite housing with an ergonomically designed handle creates a lightweight, balanced tool for less user fatigue and more comfortable operation for the long haul.

The MT2219 is available now exclusively from Matco Tools. To locate a distributor in your area or for more information on the product, call 1-866-289-8665 or check out our selection of air saws on our website.


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