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A professional, diagnostic scan tool that bridges the gap between diagnosis and repair.

The Maximus 3.0 (part number MDMAX3) is not only the fastest, strongest and most intuitive member of the Maximus diagnostic tool family, but it also equips professional automotive technicians with the information and resources they need to complete a job. Once a technician scans a vehicle, the Maximus 3.0 will automatically link the vehicle make, model and year information as well as diagnostic reporting to an exclusive automotive repair database called MaximusFix. This database will provide full technical service bulletins, flow charts, wiring diagrams and other manufacturer documents needed to help the technician get to the fix and efficiently complete the job.

Matco Tools’ Maximus 3.0 is an expandable, robust and wireless Android™ based scan tool tablet that has vast vehicle coverage for Asian, European, and Domestic applications.


"Automotive technology is constantly advancing, changing and becoming more complex," said Matco Tools Vice President of Marketing Ben Gambrel. "Because of this, we recognized the need to arm automotive technicians with all the information they need to make the vehicle repair, saving them time and frustration. We wanted to put the power directly in the hands of our customers with our most powerful diagnostic scan tool yet."

This unit was designed to save time and make it easier to fix vehicles. By simply plugging in the dongle, the Maximus 3.0 automatically identifies the vehicle and performs OE-level diagnostic testing. The tablet provides a data sampling feature, so the technician can quickly compare the vehicle's readings against the optimal levels for that vehicle.

The Maximus 3.0 also ensures that a technician can get the most out of estimates by allowing them to print and email customized health reports before and after repairs are made. It also features Tech 2 Tech remote diagnostics which allows a technician to remotely log in and make the repair even from thousands of miles away.


The unit runs on an upgraded open Android system on a 10.1" touch screen display, allowing multiple applications to be used at once with high speeds. Dual-Band Wi-Fi to connect to the most up to date routers in the market today. Dual-Mode Bluetooth provides a dedicated connection to the VCI to perform wireless diagnostics, including read/clear trouble codes, view/graph and record the PID, bi-directional test, coding reset and more. The Maximus 3.0 is IP65 rated to withstand dust, debris and water, features a built-in foldable kickstand and lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.

CPU: 8 Core Cortex-A53 2.0GHZ
Display: 10.1" 1920x1200
Camera: Front 8mp/Rear 13mp+AF+Flash
Memory: 4G
Back Kickstand: Included
Storage: 64GB
Working Temperature: 14ºF – 122ºF
Storage Temperature: -4ºF – 158ºF
Battery: 9360mAh with Quick Charge 3.0
Working Humidity: 5%~95%
Ingress Protection: IP65 Rating
Dimensions: 12.95" x 8.74" x 1.75"

To learn more about the Maximus 3.0 scan tool talk to your local Matco distributor.