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5 Jobs That Are No Match for Matco Hyper-Steps

Posted by Andy Metzger

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the Matco Exclusive Hyper-Step Drill Bits. With their ability to drill through nearly every task that is put in front of them, Hyper-Step sets are a must-have for every technician and should occupy nearly all toolboxes.

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Topics: Features, Heavy-Duty

The Most Powerful Scan Tool in the Box: Maximus 3.0

Posted by Mindy Wiswell

A professional, diagnostic scan tool that bridges the gap between diagnosis and repair.

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Topics: Diagnostics, Efficiency, Faster, Features, Maximus 2.0, Productivity, Scan Tool, Tablet, Tool Talk, bi-directional scan tool, scanner, MDMAX2, OBDII, Maximus 3.0, mdmax3, diagnostic

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