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Top 10 Reasons to Love the Maximus Scan Tool

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

The Maximus (MDMAX) by Matco Tools

Matco Tools Maximus provides the automotive industry with a unique solutions-based diagnostics and information tablet. The Maximus diagnostic tablet offers technicians the fastest, most complete scan tool to handle everything from on board computer diagnostics to repair, all without leaving the vehicle.

The MDMAX quickly became one of Matco's most popular ranking products.

Here are the top 10 reasons why technicians and industry experts love the Maximus:

#1 Simply the best OE-level coverage and capabilities – Maximus is the diagnostic tool for every job

Gain complete OE-level access to Asian, European and Domestic applications for module coding, resets, relearns and bi-directional capabilities – all on an impressive 9.7” high resolution color touch screen.

#2 Coverage when you need it most

Weekly updates offer the latest coverage enhancements when you need it. With the click of a button, update a single car line in as little as 1 minute.

#3 True PC architecture with Windows® 7

And its powered by Intel® Atom Dual Core Processor. Navigate through menus in lightning speed. Access repair databases ultra-fast. Experience true, PC-based functionality that standard diagnostic tools can’t match – run multiple applications while diagnosing vehicles. The solid-state hard drive, fully functioning web browser, built-in camera, VGA and HDMI video out, headphone and audio out, multiple USB ports along with Wi-Fi B/G/N and Ethernet go even further to bring this diagnostic tool to the next level.

#4 No-hassle connectivity

Maximus utilizes the latest in OBDII wireless Bluetooth technology with built-in LPT (Large Packet Transfer technology). Users experience the fastest data refresh rates and most stable wireless diagnostics experience in the industry.

#5 Find and Fix Faster®

Maximus, with Direct-Hit® from Identifix® - Vehicle is automatically identified and with the input of DTC or symptom information, known fixes are displayed right on the spot. Repair information is displayed from within the tool at the car, increasing productivity and shop profit.  The MDMAX includes a 30-day free trial of Direct-Hit®.

#6 Multi-tasking = higher productivity = higher profits

Perform vehicle diagnostics, utilize any of the optional add-on modules, and surf the net all at the same time.

#7 Ready to go when you are

With the Maximus’ built-in lithium-ion battery and Docking Station, the MDMAX offers hours of un-tethered usage. There is no need to connect to an external power source to view diagnostic data or surf the net – and what better way to charge your MDMAX than with the exclusive Docking Station. Matco’s Docking Station also serves as a home base for the MDAX, making it instantly available, charged and ready to go.  Also includes HDMI output for the latest technology in setting up a work station with an external monitor.

#8 Take the Maximus to the MAX

The Maximus is truly expandable allowing customers to only purchase capability they need. Customers can add the Scopebox (4 trace Lab Scope), Sensorbox (digital sensor simulator), Batterybox and JBox (J2534 Pass-Through Reflash) that is Tech2Win compliant. With the JBox using a separate VCI, you can re-flash a vehicle while diagnosing another wireless!

#9 One of the best warranties in the business

Matco stands behind Maximus with an impressive 2-year warranty.

#10 A favorite amongst the field

The MDMAX was the chosen winner by Matco’s distributors as the best new product in the annual Distributor’s Choice Awards earlier this year. “Our distributors are the best judges for this award because they understand the needs of the automotive industry, and know which tools will be successful in the market,” says John Green, vice president of marketing and eCommerce for Matco Tools. “Maximus provides a true tablet experience complete with industry-leading features, and we are pleased that it has been recognized as a leader with our distributors.”

The MDMAX is available now exclusively from Matco Tools. To locate a distributor in your area or for more information on the product, call 1-866-289-8665 or see all the maximus diagnostics on our website.


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