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Beast Mode: The MT2760 Stubby Impact Wrench

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Matco’s Stubby Impact Wrench is small, powerful and exactly what you need to get the job done.

1/2 STUBBY IMPACT WRENCH MT2760 | Matco Tools


Turn heads in the shop when you bust out your new ½” Stubby Impact Wrench (MT2760) and get to work. Wondering why you should add this new impact wrench to your tool collection? Keep reading.

The powerful MT2760 has the ability to break loose rusted bolts at 600 ft. lbs. of torque. Its three position speed regulator allows you to control the power output in the forward direction. Now you have the power to efficiently tackle more jobs in less time, because this tool gives you ultimate power for extended use in the tightest work spaces.


Watch Antron Brown put the new MT2760 to work on the Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster. 

Not only does the MT2760 pack 600 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque, it also has the best power to weight ratio of any tool its size at only 2.2 lbs. Lightweight and composite, the MT2760 is stronger by 5% and easy to take with you anywhere in the shop. Its strain-free operation also makes it the perfect impact wrench for extended use.

"The MT2760 is a great impact gun for access into tight areas where you need high torque to loosen fasteners," said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools.

We know the shop can sometimes be a dangerous place – tools everywhere, sharp objects and grease and oil spots. This means you need an impact wrench that withstands the toughest environments, which is why the MT2760 is your perfect match. Built tough, the textured housing provides a rugged yet ergonomic design for added comfort, grip and durability.

It’s time to tackle tight areas with ease, power and control – add the MT2760 to your toolbox.

For more information about this item, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit 


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Expect More from Your Screwdrivers with Matco’s Top Torque II Screwdriver

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

More Torque. More Benefits. Longer Life.


We know that being a technician can be messy and leaving the shop at the end of the day means dirty hands covered in oil and grease. Washing your hands between every job isn’t a possibility, so you need tools that are strong, durable and won’t slip out of your hands. Matco’s Top Torque II screwdrivers give you the grip you need when you need it most.

They’re strong. Matco’s Top Torque II screwdrivers are made with the best steel available. Produced from German specialty high alloy Chrome vanadium steel, our screwdrivers give the user a lightweight tool that is strong, long-lasting and ready to take on the toughest jobs.


It's what's inside that matters. All of our Top Torque II screwdrivers feature a forged-in, butterfly shaped blade deep inside the 3-layer, molded-on handle. This molded-in blade cannot be pulled out, pounded through or twisted in the handle. Although you cannot see this feature, rest assured it’s there providing durability and strength at every turn.

Ultimate turning power. Each handle on our Top Torque II screwdrivers features patented flocking on the sides. This is the fuzzy 

Why Matco’s Top Torque II Screwdrivers?material that gives you a vice grip in slippery situations. Regardless of how much oil, grease or sweat is on your hands, our Top Torque II screwdrivers give you the grip to get the job done.

The handle shape is designed specifically for the task at hand. Our large screwdrivers have large triangular handles for a strong grip; the middle-sized handles are less triangular so you have the ability to turn them quickly; and our smallest handles are almost round for fast turning and precision work. When you need a tool that is highly-engineered, effective and ergonomically-designed for the job at hand, Matco’s Top Torque II screwdrivers are what you want to reach for in your toolbox.

For more information about Matco’s line of screwdrivers, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit our website at


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Meet the Versapro MTXTREME

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Introducing the Most Powerful 12/24V Jump Starter and Charging Station on the Market.

Matco’s MTXTREME now gives technicians the ability to jump start large trucks, diesels, boats and other large automotive equipment with a compact, easy-to-use-tool.

Top Reasons the MTXTREME is a shop must-have:

1.) Multiple charging options. The MTXTREME includes two USB output ports for charging your mobile devices, one 19V output port for laptop charging*, one 12V/10A output port for DC powered devices and one 12V/24V jump start port.

2.) More Power. A 24000mAh lithium battery, 600 cranking amps, 1200 peak amps and 12V and 24V jump start modes provide power when it’s needed most.

3.) Safety First. The MTXTREME offers real-time monitoring capabilities that include a digital display, buzzer for user feedback and warning and amperage monitoring to protect against abuse.

4.) The first heavy-duty charger that can charge mobile devices. Don’t be left with dead devices when you have an MTXTREME on hand.

5.) Built tough for tough environments. A durable aluminum closure and a thick rubber boot on the corners protects against drops.

6.) Lightweight, compact & portable. Only weighing 4.75 lbs., the MTXTREME weighs ¼ of most professional 12V lead acid jump starters and 1/8 of most 24V jump starters with similar cranking power.

MTXTREME accessories include: jumper cable leads, USB pigtail, AC charging cord, DC charging cord, DC output cord and 7 piece laptop adapter set with lead wire.

Check out Antron Brown demonstrating how he uses the MTXTREME!

From charging smartphones to jump starting semi-trucks, Matco offers the most powerful yet compact portable jump starters and power supply devices on the market. Discover the unmatched performance of the VERSAPOWER family – versatile power to charge any needs.

For more information on the Lithium battery Jump Starter, please speak to your local Matco Tools distributor. 

*Not compatible with Apple 16V laptops

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The Toughest Tool Boxes Just Got More Powerful

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

If you want power, you want Matco.

As the traditional automotive shop evolves, so does storage and tool boxes that technicians use on a daily basis. That’s why Matco’s Power Toolboxes are different from the rest.

Because Matco knows it’s not just about power; it’s about how you use it, where you put it and when you need it.

All Matco Toolboxes 25" and deeper now come with power and have exposed USB and grounded outlets right in the front, making it easier to plug in tools and personal devices while providing optimal work space on top. Designed with the technician in mind, a second built-in power strip is available in the side drawer.

The Power-Integrated Toolboxes come with the same flexible options and add-ons that allow customers to design their own toolbox to fit different spaces and needs. With several color and trim options, a Matco toolbox is a reflection of individuality. Matco is the only mobile tool company that currently offers the complete power storage solution, starting with an entry-level toolbox continuing through the line of hutches and side lockers. This extensive offering makes Matco’s toolboxes the most obtainable for every tech in the industry.

“With technology advancing at a rapid pace, we want to make sure our products always allow consumers to work effectively and efficiently,” said John Green, Vice President of Marketing and e-Commerce for Matco Tools. “Having multiple power sources for technicians to constantly charge devices and tools maximizes their output. These new boxes are practical, flexible and designed with the technician in mind.”

At Matco Tools, we build trust and craftsmanship into each storage unit assembled at our Jamestown, New York facility. Each Matco toolbox features our T-shaped center shelf that is fully welded to all sides for brute strength and total stability.

From the standard 4s to the ultimate 6s, Matco has the industry’s best toolbox for every technician. And now, with the addition of power, Matco toolboxes just got even better.

For more information and to see the many different options available to customize your toolbox, see your Matco distributor.

*Some exclusions may apply.

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Air Saw Technology: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

Matco Tools’ product lineup now includes the MT2219 Gear Driven Air Saw, offering technicians the most powerful air saw on the market. The technologically-advanced MT2219 functions like a standard air saw, but has one key difference—a geared mechanism that produces additional torque, providing 87% more power than competitor saws while improving speed and efficiency.

Matco's Geared Air Saw (MT2219) vs. Standard Air Saw

The MT2219 features a patent-pending, gear-transmitted design that provides more than double the cutting capacity over standard air saws. The saw can cut through up to 5mm of sheet metal and even steel tubes more efficiently, providing users with more power to save time. A 360-degree swivel exhaust ring directs air flow away from the technician, and a variable speed trigger provides complete control in every job at hand.

It is always our goal to produce tools that make our customers’ job as easy as possible,” said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools. “The MT2219 does just that by combining speed, power and durability into one easy-to-use air saw. Matco prides itself on creating tools that will deliver performance when it’s needed most, and this air saw is no exception.”

The MT2219 is not only the most powerful air saw on the market, but also one of the most long-lasting and comfortable. The greasable fitting allows the tool to be easily maintained, extending its life.  Plus, the nylon composite housing with an ergonomically designed handle creates a lightweight, balanced tool for less user fatigue and more comfortable operation for the long haul.

The MT2219 is available now exclusively from Matco Tools. To locate a distributor in your area or for more information on the product, call 1-866-289-8665 or check out our selection of air saws on our website.


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