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Beast Mode: The MT2760

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Matco’s new Stubby Impact Wrench is small, powerful and exactly what you need to get the job done.

Photo c/o Matco Tools distributor Sean Kirkby.
Photo c/o Matco Tools distributor Sean Kirkby.


Turn heads in the shop when you bust out your new ½” Stubby Impact Wrench (MT2760) and get to work. Wondering why you should add this new impact wrench to your tool collection? Keep reading.

The powerful MT2760 has the ability to break loose rusted bolts at 600 ft. lbs. of torque. Its three position speed regulator allows you to control the power output in the forward direction. Now you have the power to efficiently tackle more jobs in less time, because this tool gives you ultimate power for extended use in the tightest work spaces.

Click here to watch Antron Brown put the new MT2760 to work on the Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster. 

Not only does the MT2760 pack 600 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque, it also has the best power to weight ratio of any tool its size at only 2.2 lbs. Lightweight and composite, the MT2760 is stronger by 5% and easy to take with you anywhere in the shop. Its strain-free operation also makes it the perfect impact wrench for extended use.

"The MT2760 is a great impact gun for access into tight areas where you need high torque to loosen fasteners," said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools.

We know the shop can sometimes be a dangerous place – tools everywhere, sharp objects and grease and oil spots. This means you need an impact wrench that withstands the toughest environments, which is why the MT2760 is your perfect match. Built tough, the textured housing provides a rugged yet ergonomic design for added comfort, grip and durability.

It’s time to tackle tight areas with ease, power and control – add the MT2760 to your toolbox.

For more information about this item, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit

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Expect More from Your Screwdrivers with Matco’s Top Torque II Screwdriver

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

More Torque. More Benefits. Longer Life.

IMG_6216We know that being a technician can be messy and leaving the shop at the end of the day means dirty hands covered in oil and grease. Washing your hands between every job isn’t a possibility, so you need tools that are strong, durable and won’t slip out of your hands. Matco’s Top Torque II screwdrivers give you the grip you need when you need it most.

They’re strong. Matco’s Top Torque II screwdrivers are made with the best steel available. Produced from German specialty high alloy Chrome vanadium steel, our screwdrivers give the user a lightweight tool that is strong, long-lasting and ready to take on the toughest jobs.

It’s what’s inside that matters. All of our Top Torque II screwdrivers feature a forged-in, butterfly shaped blade deep inside the 3-layer, molded-on handle. This molded-in blade cannot be pulled out, pounded through or twisted in the handle. Although you cannot see this feature, rest assured it’s there providing durability and strength at every turn.

Ultimate turning power. Each handle on our Top Torque II screwdrivers features patented flocking on the sides. This is the fuzzy material that gives you a vice grip in slippery situations. Regardless of how much oil, grease or sweat is on your hands, our Top Torque II screwdrivers give you the grip to get the job done.

MatcoScrewdrivers_DBRLukeBensonWhy Matco’s Top Torque II Screwdrivers?
The handle shape is designed specifically for the task at hand. Our large screwdrivers have large triangular handles for a strong grip; the middle-sized handles are less triangular so you have the ability to turn them quickly; and our smallest handles are almost round for fast turning and precision work. When you need a tool that is highly-engineered, effective and ergonomically-designed for the job at hand, Matco’s Top Torque II screwdrivers are what you want to reach for in your toolbox.

For more information about Matco’s line of screwdrivers, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit our website at

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Matco Franchise Glossary

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

With a career change comes a new list of things to learn. We’re here to help with some of the most common terms you’ll come across upon starting as a new Matco Tools franchisee.

Starting a new business comes with its share of challenges and questions. We at Matco pride ourselves on providing our new franchisees with all the support they’ll need to succeed – that’s what makes us a family.

Whether you’re a new franchisee or you’re simply considering starting your own franchise with Matco, you’re bound to come across terms that you’re not entirely familiar with. That’s why we’ve come up with the following glossary that defines some of the most common terms you may not have heard of before.

This post can serve as a handy reference – take a look:

Franchisee: The franchisee is the owner of an individual franchise. That’s you.

Franchisor: That’s Matco, the corporate franchise seller. You’ll use our branding, our tools, and our advertising all to your advantage as the franchisee. By joining the Matco family, you’ll be able to take advantage of our proven business system, increasing your chances of finding success.

Assets: These consist of your equipment, supplies, products, and other physical items associated with your business. When you’re ready to retire years down the line, you’ll be able to sell these. Your ability to build equity in a business as you grow it is one of the most appealing aspects of being your own boss.

In-House Financing: This means you can finance your investment and costs directly through Matco, rather than going through a bank. Even if you’re not sure about the strength of your credit, we have many flexible options, so there may be something available for you. There’s no downside to seeing what may be available.

Pre-Approval: You can apply for pre-approval on a financing plan through Matco right online. By entering some basic information into our 100% secure system, you’ll be able to find out what type of plan you’re qualified to receive.

Franchise Agreement: When starting with Matco, you’ll sign a franchise agreement that outlines both your responsibilities as the new franchisee and ours as the franchisor. It’s a document you’ll want to read carefully and have your attorney or accountant review with you as it contains protections for you and your rights as a franchisee. Matco’s is a ten-year agreement, and after those ten years, you’ll need to renew the agreement.

AronDavis_TruckSunlight_resizeThe Mobile Franchise: Our franchisees are the proprietors of mobile franchises – this means that as a part of the Matco family, you’re not tied down to a brick-and-mortar operation. This has a number of benefits – first, you don’t have to own or lease expensive real-estate property. As well, instead of requiring your customers to come to you, you can go directly to your customers. Your exposure will increase, your hours will be flexible, and you’ll be able to run your new business the way you want.

The Route: As a new franchisee, we’ll do our best to start you out on the right foot. Your route will be made up of hundreds of potential new customers – generally, professional technicians who are required to purchase their own tools to perform their jobs. Those customers are surveyed by one of our Matco Local Managers, and these customers will be put on the list of calls in your Exclusive Territory. This means that you won’t be competing with other Matco Franchisees – the customers will be all yours.

No employees: Day-to-day, your business will depend and rely on the hard work of one person – you. That means you’re your own boss, and don’t have to worry about managing a staff. Of course, we’re there to support you in any way necessary.

Tools & Equipment: Or, your product offering to your new customers. Matco rolls out hundreds of new and exclusive products annually and offers more than 22,000 of the highest quality tools and products in the industry. We’re trusted by our customers because we help them work harder and smarter every day.

Training: Matco’s training services are unmatched. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, we’ll take the time to make sure you know everything you need to know to be successful in your new business venture. You’ll receive training before you begin, and we always offer continuous training as your business matures. In addition, our existing franchisees are always happy to offer help to the new members of the Matco family.

National Advertising: Name recognition is never a problem for our franchisees. Matco’s national marketing and advertising promotes the brand with campaigns that span television, social media, Motorsports and industry publications. We don’t charge our franchisees advertising or royalty fees, freeing up your dollars to grow your business on the ground.

Business plan: As you’re first starting up, it’s important to develop a business plan. Writing a business plan enables you to prepare yourself for running the business. What are your expectations? How will you meet challenges as they arise? Since Matco writes many of our own loans, we know what needs to be in your business plan, so we’ll be able to offer plenty of help with this process.

Franchise Disclosure Document: Under federal law, you’ll receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) at least 14 days before signing a franchise agreement. Matco, as the franchisor, is required to provide you this uniform document, which will tell you all about the franchisor, their corporate history, their audited financial statements, their past and current legal issues, dispute resolution, renewal, termination and transfer information, the programs they offer, how many franchisees they have in their system, who the franchisees are and how they can be contacted, what franchisees have recently left the system, how franchisees are distributed throughout the country, the costs associated with purchasing a franchise, copies of any agreements you would be required to sign and even financial performance representations which you and your accountant or attorney can use to get an idea of the average sales volume of a franchisee.

Time Payment Account: This is one of the major ways you’ll collect money as a franchisee. A Time Payment (TP) Account is an account through which your customers will be able to purchase products on credit, and can then pay for them over several weeks or months. TP accounts are one of Matco’s best sales tools – your customers will enjoy that they can purchase a new tool without spending the money that day.

It might look like a lot to learn, but with Matco’s support every step of the way, we know you’ll catch on quick.

To take the next step with a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Works" report. This form is simply an initial indicator in finding out if franchising is right for you and your family. It will in no way commit you to buying a franchise.


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Five Must-Have Air Tools from Matco Tools

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Having the Right Tools Makes the Job Easier.

In the shop, having the right tools for the job is a necessity. At the end of the day, the more jobs you complete means more money in your pocket. Having the right air tools from Matco in your toolbox gets your customers’ vehicles running and back out on the road.


mt2138With 370 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque, this Matco exclusive provides a cushioned grip and superior comfort. It features true variable speed performance for precise control during jobs as well as a handle exhaust that directs air away from the work area.

MT2416 - 3/16" ORBIT 6" PALM SANDER

mt2416Perfect for extended use in the shop, Matco’s Palm Sander has an anti-dust shield system that protects the tool for a longer life. Only 3.5” in height, this sander will fit perfectly in your toolbox taking up very little space. Its tip valve variable speed design gives you full throttle control, and its 3/16” design is great for surface preparation from body filler to paint primer.


mt2219Matco’s Gear Driven Air Saw is unstoppable! It functions like a standard air saw, but has one major key difference – a geared mechanism that produces additional torque, providing 87% more power. The MT2219 features a patent-pending, gear-transmitted design that provides more than 200% more cutting capacity than standard air saws. This product will make your day-to-day job as easy as possible.


mt2858aOne of the most powerful 3/8” ratchets on the market with 130 ft. lbs. of torque, Matco’s Heavy-Duty Ratchet helps you complete jobs fast. Its rapid response, variable speed trigger allows for one finger operation and unmatched control.  Bearings on both sides of the gearing increase durability, tool life and cut down on internal friction allowing the tool to run smoother.


mt2816Matco’s Long Barrel Air Hammer cranks out 20% more power over standard air hammers due to its cutting edge air flow design.  Its patented integrated chuck allows you to quickly change chisel blades while working so you can work on more jobs in a shorter period of time. We know that working with a tool for a long period of time can cause strain in your hand(s), which is why Matco’s Air Hammer has an ergonomic handle designed for maximum all day comfort.

It’s time to add efficiency and ease back in to your job with Matco’s Air Tools. For more information on these items, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit Matco’s website at

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Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

(Article from Don Schumacher Racing)

POMONA, Calif. (Nov. 15, 2015) – Antron Brown and the Matco Tools/U.S. Army Top Fuel team opened the big present two weeks ago when they clinched their second the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series world championship and nearly added a pretty bow to it on Sunday.

The seven-time winners in the 2015 season advanced to the championship round of the Auto Club NHRA Nationals at Pomona, Calif., and fell short to defeating Don Schumacher Racing teammate Shawn Langdon in the championship round.

Photo c/o NHRA. Photo c/o NHRA.

But it was hard for Antron to be too disappointed with a season that produced a career-best total of wins and equaled a career-mark No. 1 qualifying positions after he won the Pomona pole on Saturday.

In the final, the Matco team led by crew chiefs Brian Corradi and Mark Oswald produced a stellar run of 3.732 at 321.73 mph but it wasn’t enough to beat Langdon’s 3.715 at a track record 332.43 mph.

“It was a good drag race there against Shawn,” Antron said. “What can you say – five-thousandths of a second at the line.

“It was a beautiful year. As far as the season is concerned, hey, we did everything we wanted to do and we’re just so happy and grateful that everything turned out the way it did.

“I’ve been super stoked about all of our guys, all of our team, all of our great partners this year – Matco Tools, the U.S. Army, Toyota. It feels good to bring the championship home.

“We end the year with a Countdown that was pretty tight with three wins, a couple of semifinals and a runner-up, that’s just a stellar year and just a stellar Countdown and we’re just super stoked.”

In a year of personal bests for Brown, the Matco team earned 51 round wins equaling the most in one season for Brown, while collecting 19 round wins during the Countdown to the Championship playoff, the second most behind DSR and U.S. Army Racing teammate Tony Schumacher’s 20 in 2008.

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Work From Home Franchise: Full or Part-Time

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Looking for a part-time job where you get to call the shots and create your own schedule?

Our smaller truck franchise offering, Matco 225, may be the perfect fit for you. 

The great thing about Matco 225 is that it fits your needs and schedule while still giving you the benefits of business ownership without overextending yourself. If you’re looking to supplement your income or scale down from a 5-day work week, Matco 225 could be the best fit for you.


Matco 225 provides you with 225 customers on your route which allows for a lighter, more flexible schedule to fit your needs.

Matco 225 also offers a lower start-up cost than our classic franchise offering. Because you’ll be serving a smaller customer base, you will not need as many tools on your store. With less inventory on your truck, your initial expenses will be lower. Matco Tools offers an in-house financing program that can cover up to 100% of the start-up costs for those who qualify.

We’ve put tools in place to make it easier for you to own your own business.

Ultimately, Matco 225 offers more flexibility while giving you the same rewarding franchise experience. This smaller franchise offering allows for a more flexible work schedule. The 225 model is great for those approaching retirement or those looking for extra income. Some Matco distributors have even expanded their business by having their spouse, child or business partner run their store while they continue to run their Classic Matco Tools Franchise!

At Matco, we’re committed to giving you the financial support and training you need to get behind the wheel of your own Matco Tools franchise. Not only will we help you get your business up-and-running, but we are also dedicated to helping you successfully grow your business for years to come. You may be starting a new career, but becoming a Matco Tools distributor also means joining a family of 1700 strong.

It’s time to jump start your career with Matco’s newest and most flexible opportunity – Matco 225.

Get a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Works" report and find out if Matco 225 is the right fit for you and your family with no obligation to commit.


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Get the Coverage you Need at an Affordable Price

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Sharing a diagnostics tablet with other technicians flat out stinks. So why continue doing it day-after-day? With Matco’s new maxME, you can have your own scan tool for less than $1,000. You read that right. For $850 and pay-as-you-go software coverage, you don’t have to share a scan tool anymore.

maxME_DBRBradTaylorNot only does the price point make this device different from others on the market, but its patented pay-as-you-go software coverage lets you pay for the coverage that’s right for you. That’s right, you don’t have to continue paying outrageous prices for costly software bundled into your tablet. If you primarily work on Ford, then purchase the Ford subscription to gain access to all Ford models offered, like the Focus, Fusion, Mustang and any other models available. You can purchase as many car makes as you need and quickly add or remove coverage with a simple click right from your tablet screen. maxME offers coverage per make for $20 a month, per region for $60 a month and for $105 month you get access to all makes.

Meet the Game Changer

“The biggest issue technicians have with diagnostics tablets is the price point,” said Kimber Biniak, diagnostics product manager for Matco Tools. “It’s too expensive and they pay for software coverage they don’t use. If a technician can’t afford a tablet, that usually means he/she winds up sharing a scan tool with other techs in the shop making it difficult to get jobs done quickly. maxME’s price point is affordable for everyone and gives technicians the option of choosing software coverage they use most. maxME lets anyone get the job done faster and more accurately than ever before.”

There’s no need to wait around trying to get the job done because someone else is using the shop diagnostics tablet – with maxME, you can have your own. More jobs completed, means more money in your pocket. It’s time to get the job done faster with your own diagnostics tablet – maxME.

For more information about Matco's maxME diagnostic scan tool, please speak to your Matco Tools distributor or visit

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Brown clinches second NHRA Mello Yello Top Fuel championship

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

(Article from
By Phil Burgess, National DRAGSTER Editor

With a second-round victory at the NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas, Antron Brown clinched his second NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Top Fuel championship.

Brown, who entered the six-race Countdown to the Championship playoffs as the No. 2 seed, then won the first three events of the playoffs, clinched the title when his teammate, Tony Schumacher, was defeated in the second round of eliminations at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Brown’s Don Schumacher Racing/Matco Tools dragster was able to beat Dave Connolly in his heat.

Brown made history in 2012 when he won his first Mello Yello world championship to become the first African-American NHRA world champ and first black driver to win a major U.S. auto racing championship title.

“It’s definitely a lot better feeling when you have control of your own destiny with your team," said Brown, whose 2012 title was won with him on the sidelines after an early defeat at the season finale. "It feels good to be racing for it and not standing on the sidelines watching it. That’s been a true blessing. Our guys have worked so hard this year and it feels good to see it come to fruition.”

Brown and crew chiefs Brian Corradi and Mark Oswald earned several big wins during the regular season, including the tradition-rich NHRA Summernationals at Raceway Park in New Jersey. His team moved into playoff form with a convincing win at Sonoma Raceway during the famed NHRA Western Swing. At Brainerd, he earned a 20-point bonus for setting the national E.T. record at 3.680 seconds. He opened the Countdown Playoffs with a flurry, taking consecutive victories at Charlotte, St. Louis and Reading to build a lead in the playoffs.

Antron Brown wins 2015 Top Fuel NHRA Mello Yello Championship

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Top Fuel Points Leader Brown Locked in on Championship

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

(Article from

Antron Brown insisted he did not need to change much in regards to his approach heading into the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Countdown to the Championship.

Competing in the rigorous Top Fuel class all season was all he needed, and the payoff has been evident through the first four races of the NHRA’s six-race playoffs.

Brown won the first three events of the Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship and holds a 132-point lead over reigning world champion Tony Schumacher heading into this weekend’s 15th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Oct. 29-Nov. 1. A second Top Fuel world championship in his 10,000-horsepower Matco Tools dragster is now within sight, and Brown credits being ready for the big moments the Countdown presents as a major reason for his success.

“I think the way we really got prepared is if you look at this year as a whole and how many people have won and how competitive the class is,” said Brown, who has a Top Fuel-best seven wins in 2015. “It’s ridiculous how crazy tough this class is and I think that’s what prepared us for the Countdown. We lost close races this year, and it’s rough out there. That really got us motivated, geared up, and pumped up for the Countdown. When we came into the Countdown, we came in prepared. We knew we had to give our A-plus game, and we knew we couldn’t slip up.”

Spencer Massey (Top Fuel), Del Worsham (Funny Car), Erica Enders (Pro Stock), and Andrew Hines (Pro Stock Motorcycle) were last year’s winners of the event that will once again be televised on ESPN2. The 15th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals marks the fifth of six playoff races in the Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship, and the race will play a crucial part in the championship hunt.

With another strong performance in the Countdown, Brown could wrap up his second world championship in Las Vegas. The likes of Schumacher, Richie Crampton, who won in Dallas and has five victories in 2015, and other Top Fuel stars will try to keep that from happening, but Brown will be focused on finishing another banner season in memorable fashion.

His 2015 campaign has been full of noteworthy accomplishments, including picking up his 50th career win and setting the Top Fuel e.t. world record of 3.680 seconds in Brainerd. Now at 54 career wins, Brown and his team, led by crew chiefs Brian Corradi and Mark Oswald, went to another level in the Countdown, posting 11 straight round-wins before a semifinal loss in Dallas. It included three victories to take a commanding points lead, as Brown has thrived in key moments.

“We’ve been in the right spot at the right time, and we’ve been doing the right things in those moments so far,” Brown said. “I think we, as a team, live for these moments. We live for these moments. You can’t slack up on somebody; if you do, they take you out.

“It’s been that same mindset all the way through the Countdown. We have the mindset of what we have to gain. We have nothing to lose because it’s starting all over. All we have is what we can gain right now. We already prepared this whole year for this moment. We’re contending for a championship, and we’re right where we want to be, so what do we have to lose?”

That mindset has served Brown and his team well through the first four races of the Countdown, but he knows the biggest moments in 2015 may be yet to come. Schumacher has put together incredible late-season performances his entire career, and Brown knows he will be getting everyone’s best shot in Las Vegas and at the season finale in Pomona. But he also isn’t changing a mindset that has worked extremely well thus far.

“Our mindset in Vegas is to just keep on doing what we’ve been doing and go out there, try to qualify in the highest position we can,” Brown said. “We want to be as efficient as possible on race day, and that starts with round one. We’re not trying to get ahead of ourselves. We’re just going to go out and race to the best of our ability.”

That means competing against a loaded field that also includes Brittany Force, three-time world champion Larry Dixon, Doug Kalitta, J.R. Todd, Steve Torrence, Shawn Langdon, and Dave Connolly. With everything that is on the line at the NHRA Toyota Nationals, an electric atmosphere is also evident at the race. That is music to Brown’s ears, and he is eager to embrace the challenge that awaits.

“I always enjoy going to Vegas,” Brown said. “This is one of those races that will make or break you. We have to step up, and that brings the excitement up. This one of those races that you have to bring it. My guys are definitely doing their job and homework. Our deal is that we remind each other of that each and every race.”

In the search for his first Funny Car world championship, Worsham picked up his third Countdown win at the most recent event in Dallas, pushing his lead to 38 points over Jack Beckman. Other Funny Car stalwarts include Tommy Johnson Jr., who sits in third and 147 points out of first, reigning world champion Matt Hagan, Ron Capps, a Funny Car-best five-time Las Vegas winner, 16-time world champion John Force, teammate Alexis DeJoria, Cruz Pedregon, Robert Hight, and Tim Wilkerson.

Enders will look to get a step closer to a second straight world title in Las Vegas in Pro Stock, thanks in part to winning her second race of the Countdown in Dallas, but she will have to deal with the likes of four-time world champion and seven-time Las Vegas winner Greg Anderson, who sits 154 points back in second. Enders will look to clinch a world title in Las Vegas but also must contend with Chris McGaha, Allen Johnson, rookie Drew Skillman, who picked up his first career Pro Stock win in St. Louis, Larry Morgan, Vincent Nobile, Jason Line, Shane Gray, and Jonathan Gray.

In Pro Stock Motorcycle, reigning world champion and points leader Hines, who has a class-best four wins in Las Vegas, lost in the first round in Dallas and watched his points lead fall to just 21 points over teammate Eddie Krawiec. Jerry Savoie, who won in Dallas, pulled to within 31 points, and Hector Arana Jr., who won in St. Louis, is 81 points behind Hines. Others to watch include Matt Smith, Hector Arana Sr., two-time season winner Karen Stoffer, Jim Underdahl, Chip Ellis, and Scotty Pollacheck.

Drivers in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and the NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod Drag Series also will race hard in their quest to become winners of the thrilling event during the weekend.

As always, fans will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite drivers as they’re granted an exclusive pit pass to the most powerful and sensory-filled motorsports attraction on the planet. This unique opportunity in motorsports gives fans direct access to the teams, allowing them to see firsthand the highly skilled mechanics service their hot rods between rounds, and get autographs from their favorite NHRA drivers.

NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series qualifying begins Friday, Oct. 30, with sessions at 12:15 and 3:45 p.m. The final two qualifying sessions will take place Saturday, Oct. 31, at 12:15 and 3:45 p.m. Final eliminations are scheduled for 11 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1.

To purchase general-admission or reserved seats, call 800-644-4444 or visit

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Teams will have no time to lose in Countdown to the Championship event in Las Vegas

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

(Article from

Drivers and teams in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series will be going all-in at the 15th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, as only two races remain before world champions will be crowned.

The lucrative event, which is the fifth of six playoff races in the Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship and the penultimate event of the 2015 season, will feature drag racing at its very best as every point is more crucial than ever. Drivers will hope to carry over their good fortunes from the first four Countdown to the Championship races – the NHRA Carolina Nationals, AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals, NHRA Keystone Nationals and AAA Texas NHRA FallNationals – or do their best to change their luck.

This year’s edition of the famed event will feature intense side-by-side racing as drivers in Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle compete for vital Mello Yello Series points. Spencer Massey (Top Fuel), Del Worsham (Funny Car), Erica Enders (Pro Stock) and Andrew Hines (Pro Stock Motorcycle) were last year’s winners of the event that will once again be televised on ESPN2.

Antron Brown in Top Fuel and Del Worsham in Funny Car have set the tone for their respective nitro classes heading into the homeward stretch of the season. Brown, the 2012 Top Fuel world champion, and Worsham, who didn’t win in the regular season, both have raced to three playoff victories to gain control of their respective points lead.

Brown entered the Countdown second in Top Fuel points, only behind defending and eight-time world champion Tony Schumacher, but took the lead with his win in Charlotte. Brown and Schumacher, Don Schumacher Racing teammates, have combined for 10 Top Fuel wins this year. Schumacher has a category leading eight career wins at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway but hasn’t won the fall event since 2010. Schumacher currently sits 132 points behind Brown. In third is Dallas winner Richie Crampton.

In Funny Car, Worsham jumped from fifth to first with his win at Charlotte to open the Countdown. Carrying his momentum into St. Louis and Dallas, he now leads former world champ Jack Beckman by just 38 points pursuing his first Funny Car world championship title.

Defending Funny Car world champion Matt Hagan. who has reset the national speed record twice en route to four victories this season in his Mopar Express Lane/Rocky Boots Dodge Charger R/T, Tommy Johnson Jr., and Ron Capps, hold the second through fourth spots in points, respectively, and have showcased some of the quickest Funny Car runs this year. Others likeTim Wilkerson, Robert Hight, Cruz Pedregon and Alexis DeJoria will competing for the coveted Wally trophy.

Enders defeated Jeg Coughlin in the final round at the NHRA Toyota Nationals last year to earn her fifth victory of the season. She then went on to become the first female to win a Pro Stock world championship two weeks later in one of the most exciting winner take all Pro Stock finals of all time. Enders has won a career best eight races this season in her Elite Motorsports Chevy Camaro. Seven-time Las Vegas winner Greg Anderson, who trails Enders by 154 points, Jason Line, newcomer and St. Louis winner Drew Skillman and two-time 2015 event winner Chris McGaha will also be some headliners in the hypercompetitive Pro Stock category.

Hines earned his fourth NHRA Toyota Nationals victory last year, defeating Matt Smith in the final. Hines, the 2014 world champ, has raced to three victories this season including a win to open the Countdown to the Championship in Charlotte and in Reading. Hines has a 21-point lead over second place Eddie Krawiec and 31 over Dallas winner Jerry Savoie. Others to watch in the two-wheel category include two-time event winner Chip Ellis, Matt Smith and Karen Stoffer.

Drivers in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and the NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod Drag Series also will race hard in their quest to become winners of the thrilling event during the weekend.

As always, fans will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite drivers as they’re granted an exclusive pit pass to the most powerful and sensory-filled motorsports attraction on the planet. This unique opportunity in motorsports gives fans direct access to the teams, allowing them to see firsthand the highly-skilled mechanics service their hot rods between rounds, and get autographs from their favorite NHRA drivers.

Fans also will want to visit NHRA’s popular Nitro Alley and Manufacturers Midway, where sponsors and race vendors create a carnival atmosphere, with interactive displays, simulated competitions, merchandise, food and fun for the entire family.

NHRA’s Baptism by Nitro campaign will make its second appearance of the season at Las Vegas. Inspired by the popular phrase “baptism by fire”, commonly used to describe when an individual is thrust into a new situation, experience or environment, Baptism by Nitro is NHRA’s call to encourage longtime fans to introduce a family member or friend to the heart-pounding atmosphere of the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.

Throughout the 2015 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series season, NHRA fans are encourage to share first-time Baptism by Nitro fan experiences on social media. Prizes will be given all year to the best rookie reactions captured in the pits or in the grandstands and posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All posts should include the hashtag #BaptismbyNitro and tag @NHRA.

Prior to the NHRA Toyota Nationals, fans are encouraged to go online and nominate a nitro rookie and explain why their candidate deserves a VIP Baptism by Nitro experience. The winning entry will receive four tickets to the 2015 NHRA Toyota Nationals, inside-the-ropes VIP access for a nitro warm-up and starting line access, where each new fan will be baptized by nitro. Fans can log on to or visit NHRA’s Facebook page for their chance to win this VIP experience. An exciting visual preview of the campaign can be seen and shared at

Mello Yello Drag Racing Series qualifying begins Friday, Oct. 30, with sessions at 12:15 and 3:45 p.m. The final two qualifying sessions will take place Saturday, Oct. 31, at 12:15 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Final eliminations are scheduled for 11 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1.

To purchase general-admission or reserved seats, call 800-644-4444 or visit

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