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The Toughest Tool Boxes Just Got More Powerful

If you want power, you want Matco. As the traditional automotive shop evolves, so does storage and tool boxesthat technicians use on a daily basis. That’s why Matco’s Power Toolboxes are different from the rest.

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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Matco Tools Franchise

There is a reason why people choose to own a Matco Tools franchise over other franchise opportunities. Actually, there’s more than one reason, and...

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JSC483 Tool Cart in Sapphire Blue

Tool Highlight: The JSC453 / JSC483 Toolboxes

Matco Tools is always working to offer their customers the highest quality tools and equipment products. We know that our customers rely on these...

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How Different Backgrounds Greatly Contribute to Franchise Success

NO AUTOMOTIVE BACKGROUND? NO PROBLEM. Matco Tools offers so many people the opportunity to start a new adventure. The path on that adventure to...

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5 Ways You Can Help Your Spouse As They Start Their Own Franchise Business

Sometimes people find themselves in need of a change. Maybe the current job isn’t working out the way that you originally hoped. The hours you work...

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Air Saw Technology: Expectations vs. Reality

Matco Tools’ product lineup now includes the MT2219 Gear Driven Air Saw, offering technicians the most powerful air saw on the market. The...

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Tips for Managing your Tool Franchise—and Yourself—Successfully

From the desk of Tim Gilmore, Matco Tools President We’ve all had bosses: excellent bosses, horrible bosses, bosses who become our greatest...

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The Maximus (MDMAX) by Matco Tools

Top 10 Reasons to Love the Maximus Scan Tool

Matco Tools Maximus provides the automotive industry with a unique solutions-based diagnostics and information tablet. The Maximus diagnostic tablet...

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Tool Store Franchise

The Benefits of an Automotive Tool Franchise

In uncertain economic times, going into business for yourself as a franchise owner may be the right option for you. Many of these opportunities...

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