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Own a Top-Rated Tool Franchise in Oregon

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Matco Tools has new routes available in Portland, Oregon

portlandPortland, also known as the “City of Roses,” is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Home to the International Rose Test Garden, outdoor activities, coffee shops and beer joints, Portland surely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to activities. With thousands of people trying to get around a big city, the traffic can become time consuming; working a 9-5 job becomes an exhausting routine.

See how many available tool truck franchises are for sale in Oregon.

Portland, a city full of people on-the-go, will always need skilled technicians who can fix cars and get people back out on the road.

Being a Matco Tools distributor means you get to provide over 20,000 of the highest quality tools in the industry to professional mechanics – direct from your truck. Matco Tools is ranked a Top 5 home based business for a reason – our programs and resources are structured to help you run a successful business with the flexibility to spend time where it matters most.

Matco Tools is one of the few franchise systems that offers in-house financing to those who qualify. Matco’s Financial Service group has a dedicated team that will assist you with your financial needs as you start your new business. This means we can finance up to 100% of any start-up costs you may incur with a loan that can be amortized for up to 10 years, making your franchise investment more accessible and keeping your weekly payments low.

Matco Tool Truck Franchise

When you become a Matco Tools distributor, training starts before you even step foot in a Matco store and continues throughout your entire career. With over 70 hours of initial classroom training, Matco provides more training than any other mobile tool franchise. Our training program focuses on your long-term success, training you on virtually all areas of owning your own business, from product classes to financial discussions.

This may be your own business, but you’ll never feel alone.  

Our top-of-the-line training and marketing support are here to help you every step of the way. Matco’s customer service team is available 16 hours a day to answer any questions you may have, and our marketing team provides bi-weekly sales flyers and sale materials to help you expand your business.

This is a big decision, so we understand if you’re still not 100% sure if this is the right fit for you and your family.

To hear from some real Matco Tools distributors, watch “It’s a Family Business” with Matco franchise owner Matt Rhymer.

Get a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Worksreport to find out if Matco is right for you with no obligation to commit. It’s time to make a change and become the best boss you’ve ever had!


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maxME Scan Tool is Taking the Field By Storm

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Don't get stuck with yesterday's technology - you can finally own your own diagnostics tablet.

Sharing a diagnostics tablet with other technicians flat out stinks. So why continue doing it day-after-day?

With Matco’s maxME, you can have your own scan tool for $1,000 and pay-as-you-go software coverage, you don’t have to share a scan tool anymore.

maxME Scan toolNot only does the price point make this device different from others on the market, but its patented pay-as-you-go software coverage lets you pay for the coverage that’s right for you. That’s right, you don’t have to continue paying outrageous prices for costly software bundled into your tablet. If you primarily work on Ford, then purchase the Ford subscription to gain access to all Ford models offered, like the Focus, Fusion, Mustang and any other models available.

You can purchase as many car makes as you need and quickly add or remove coverage with a simple click right from your tablet screen. maxME offers coverage per make for $20 a month, per region for $60 a month and for $105 month, you get access to all makes.

Click here to hear what real technicians think about costly scan tools.

“The biggest issue technicians have when purchasing a diagnostics tablet is the price point,” said Kimber Biniak, diagnostics product manager for Matco Tools. “The tablet is too expensive and they pay for software coverage they usually don’t use. If a technician can’t afford a tablet, he/she winds up sharing a scan tool with other techs in the shop, making it difficult to get jobs done quickly. maxME’s price point is affordable and gives technicians the option of choosing the software coverage they use most. maxME lets anyone get job done.”

There’s no need to wait around trying to get the job done because someone else is using the shop diagnostics tablet; with maxME, you can have your own.

More jobs completed, means more money in your pocket. It’s time to get the job done faster with your own diagnostics tablet – maxME.

For more information about maxME, click here or speak to your Matco Tools distributor.


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Own Your Own Tool Franchise & Be Your Own Boss

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Is it time to break out of the 9 to 5 PM routine and make your own schedule? 

By becoming a Matco Tools distributor you decide when to work and how often you see your customers; it’s finally time to have the lifestyle you want.


Matco Tool TruckWhen you become a Matco Tools distributor you have the control of running your own business and having a say in your future. Most people work for someone else because they have to, but becoming a Matco Tools distributor means you’ll finally have the freedom of calling the shots at work.

Our distributors are independent business owners who make their own decisions, manage their own schedules and in most cases, answer only to their spouse.

Matco Tools is one of the few franchise systems that offers in-house financing to those who qualify. Matco’s Financial Service group has a dedicated team that will assist you with your financial needs as you start your new business. This means we can finance up to 100% of any start-up costs you may incur with a loan that can be amortized for up to 10 years, making your franchise investment more accessible and keeping your weekly payments low.

Open routes offer franchise owners an exclusive territory that has at least 325 potential customers. With Matco, you lease a new or used truck, buy an initial inventory and start visiting the 325 potential customers that have already been informed about your arrival. 

There’s no need to worry about finding your own customers, because all you have to do is simply show up to the shops on the route we have created for you.

If your still not sure if this is the right fit for you and your family, that’s completely natural.

To see some real Matco distributors and families in action watch Partnering with Matco Tools.

To take the next step with a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Works" report. This form is simply an initial indicator in finding out if franchising is right for you and your family. It will in no way commit you to buying a franchise.

Note that Matco can provide up to 100% of your franchise financing in-house if you qualify. 


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One Size Does Not Fit All: Get a Smaller Tool Truck Franchise

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

Smaller Scale. More Flexibility.

Do you still want the flexibility of owning your own business and being your own boss without the commitment of a heavy schedule?  The solution is Matco 225.

What is Matco 225?

  • 225 Customers
  • Smaller Truck
  • Less Inventory
  • Smaller Territory
  • Lighter Schedule

Matco offers in-house financing which can cover up to 100% of your start-up costs as well as hands-on training courses which include product and business classes. Voted a “Top 10- Home-Based Business” by Entrepreneur Magazine, Matco franchise owners bring the highest quality tools and equipment on the market to professional mechanics who use them every day.

“Matco 225 is the perfect option for current distributors looking for a lighter schedule or interested in running another route as well as for retirees from any field looking to only work a couple days a week,” said Julie Jozwik, Franchise Marketing Manager for Matco Tools. “We know one size doesn’t fit all and some people want the satisfaction of owning their own business on a smaller scale. The Matco 225 offers them the opportunity to do so.”

Find out how Matco can put you in the driver’s seat to owning your own business!

To take the next step with a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Works" report. This form is simply an initial indicator in finding out if franchising is right for you and your family. It will in no way commit you to buying a franchise.

 For more information about the Matco 225 call (888) 696-2826.

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Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

A Bi-Directional Scan Tool for every technician.

The maxME is the industry’s first diagnostics tablet that offers a patented*, pay-as-you-go subscription service that allows you to purchase software only for the car makes you work on every day.

Matco's maxME Android Diagnostic Tablet

We know that diagnostic tablets are expensive, which is why you probably share it in the shop with other technicians. Time is money, and more jobs completed means more money in your pocket. You shouldn’t have to wait to get the job done because you don’t have your own diagnostics tablet.

You talked. Matco acted. No More Sharing.

“By introducing maxME in the diagnostics market, we want to eliminate technicians sharing a tablet in the shop,” said Kimber Biniak, diagnostics product manager for Matco Tools. “With maxME’s patented pay-as-you-go software subscription service, technicians can finally pay for the car makes they work on instead of paying for everything, which includes makes they don’t use. maxME’s software coverage starts as low as $20 a month, and techs can add or delete makes whenever they want. We want to make owning a diagnostics tablet affordable for Matco customers.”


The maxME is:

1.)    Affordable. Not only have we significantly lowered the price of a bi-directional diagnostics tablet, but maxME utilizes the industry’s firs patented, pay-as-you-go software subscription service. Now only pay for the coverage you need, starting as low as $20 a month.

2.)    Flexible. Select the diagnostics coverage as you need it. You only pay for the car makes that you work on, or you can purchase coverage for a certain region (i.e. Domestic/European/Asian). You can also buy a subscription that covers everything. Plus, you can add or delete makes whenever you want, right from your maxME Wi-Fi enabled tablet; you only get billed for what you use.

3.)    Personal. It’s not just one of the most advanced diagnostic tools on the market, but it’s also a full-featured, personal use tablet. Troubleshoot engine codes, or stream your favorite music or movies and play your favorite apps – all from one tool. Get the job done faster and more accurately than ever before with the power to make it your own.

The maxME isn’t your average tablet, it’s built tough. Manufactured to IP65 specifications, the rugged hardware was built for the most demanding shop environment.

  • Dust-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Drop-proof
  • Can withstand a stream of water from any direction
  • All ports, buttons, connections and speakers are completely sealed
  • Extra thick rubber casing for increased durability
  • Includes carry case
  • Features a carry strap and built-in dongle storage for when you’re on the go

Once you select a subscription plan, you can easily download updates for your coverage.Get the newest offerings and enhancements for FREE, right on your tablet for the life of your subscription. Pay for What You Want, When You Want It.

For more information on the maxME, featuring the industry’s first patented, pay-as-you-go software subscription service, contact your Matco Distributor or visit

*Patent #: US 8,930,067

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The Toughest Tool Boxes Just Got More Powerful

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

If you want power, you want Matco.

As the traditional automotive shop evolves, so does storage and tool boxes that technicians use on a daily basis. That’s why Matco’s Power Toolboxes are different from the rest.

Because Matco knows it’s not just about power; it’s about how you use it, where you put it and when you need it.

All Matco Toolboxes 25" and deeper now come with power and have exposed USB and grounded outlets right in the front, making it easier to plug in tools and personal devices while providing optimal work space on top. Designed with the technician in mind, a second built-in power strip is available in the side drawer.

The Power-Integrated Toolboxes come with the same flexible options and add-ons that allow customers to design their own toolbox to fit different spaces and needs. With several color and trim options, a Matco toolbox is a reflection of individuality. Matco is the only mobile tool company that currently offers the complete power storage solution, starting with an entry-level toolbox continuing through the line of hutches and side lockers. This extensive offering makes Matco’s toolboxes the most obtainable for every tech in the industry.

“With technology advancing at a rapid pace, we want to make sure our products always allow consumers to work effectively and efficiently,” said John Green, Vice President of Marketing and e-Commerce for Matco Tools. “Having multiple power sources for technicians to constantly charge devices and tools maximizes their output. These new boxes are practical, flexible and designed with the technician in mind.”

At Matco Tools, we build trust and craftsmanship into each storage unit assembled at our Jamestown, New York facility. Each Matco toolbox features our T-shaped center shelf that is fully welded to all sides for brute strength and total stability.

From the standard 4s to the ultimate 6s, Matco has the industry’s best toolbox for every technician. And now, with the addition of power, Matco toolboxes just got even better.

For more information and to see the many different options available to customize your toolbox, see your Matco distributor.

*Some exclusions may apply.

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Pound for Pound, No One Compares to The MT2769 Composite Impact Wrench

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

The most powerful ½ inch impact wrench on the market. Period.

Matco Tools MT2769 Composite Impact Wrench offers technicians the most powerful 1/2 inch impact wrench on the market with a best-in-class breakaway torque of 1,300 ft. lbs. Plus, an exclusive easy-change muffler design allows for effortless servicing and sound level adjustment.

Antron Brown's MT2769 Demo Video


mt2769 Composite Impact WrenchMany of the MT2769’s features allow automotive technicians to work more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Aspects such as a one-handed forward/reverse push button design, reinforced clutch mechanism, rear housing power adjustment and a tip valve variable speed throttle provide techs with the power and speed they are looking for in an impact wrench.

This ½ inch impact wrench is a tool all techs should have in their arsenal,” said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools. “The MT2769’s torque, speed and durability separate it from the other impact wrenches on the market. We always try to provide tools that will make the job easier on techs, and the powerful MT2769 is no exception.”

Matco’s MT2769 is not only the most powerful ½ inch impact wrench on the market, but also one of the most comfortable and durable. The textured housing provides an ergonomic grip, which promotes comfort and durability when using the tool, resulting in less user fatigue and more comfortable operation for the long haul.

If your customer is looking for a comfortable, durable and lightweight impact wrench that’s backed by a class-leading two-year warranty, the MT2769 is the right choice.

A variable speed trigger, one-handed forward/reverse push button, reinforced clutch mechanism, removable muffler plate and rear housing power adjustment is just the icing on the cake.


See the variety of new colors offered:





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The Most Powerful Tool in the Box: Maximus 2.0

Posted by Nicole Gennarelli

A professional, automotive tool that bridges the gap between smart phones and smart diagnostics.

Matco Tools’ Maximus 2.0 is an expandable, robust and wireless Android™ based scan tool tablet that has vast vehicle coverage for Asian, European, and Domestic applications.

The Maximus 2.0 is designed for maximum functionality, efficiency and productivity. Now technicians receive weekly diagnostic information updates offering the latest coverage enhancements. With the click of a button, technicians can update a single car line in less than one minute. The tablet is also built to IP65 specifications meaning it’s not only drop-tested and dustproof, but it’s also waterproof withstanding a stream of water in all directions.

Further extending the efficiency and ease-of-use is the new module ID and VIN scan feature. A technician can simply take a picture of a vehicle’s VIN number and all available vehicle information will be displayed automatically right on the screen. In addition to its many features, the Maximus 2.0 comes with a true docking station with VGA, audio out, Ethernet, 2 USB ports (battery charge and data transfer) as well as connector storage – ready to use anywhere, anytime.

“As technology continues to advance, we want to make sure we are integrating the latest and greatest into our products,” said Kimber Fabrick, diagnostics product manager for Matco Tools. “By expanding our diagnostics line, we are providing more options for technicians to choose from based on their specific needs."


Featuring a 10.1-inch high-resolution, capacitive touch screen, and front and rear cameras, it’s easier than ever to capture still photos and videos, as well as load any third-party app available for the Android™ operating system. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities technicians have constant access to more information, faster.

All of the Maximus 2.0 features lead to maximum productivity for both the technician and the shop – boosting overall profits. With one click, technicians can reset an automatic oil light or complete a manual procedure. The MDMAX2 is also expandable with optional modules for a battery tester, sensor simulator and lab scope.

Be more productive at the shop or at home with the Maximus 2.0!


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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Matco Tools Franchise

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

There is a reason why people choose to own a Matco Tools franchise over other franchise opportunities.

Actually, there’s more than one reason, and far too many to list here. So we’ve done our homework and put together the top 10 reasons why people want to join the Matco Tools family.

#10 Our franchisees have more flexibility in their schedules than a typical 9-5 job

Matco Tools Family Franchise Business

Spending time with family is a major priority for our franchise owners and being a part of the Matco Tools team means that they can set aside more time to do the things they love… like coaching football, attending dance recitals and being home in time to have dinner with their families.

#9 Matco puts on the Best Tool Business Conference & Expo

Matco Tool Expo Conference

Every year, we host a business conference in fantastic locations like Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego and other areas where franchise business owners can see our newest products on the market, grow their businesses with education sessions and get deals on the items that they stock on their trucks.

And we can’t forget to mention how much fun they have while doing it.

#8 Helping others

Matco Tools Customer Service

Our franchise owners know that they are providing essential tools to their customers… Tools that help them get their work done efficiently so that they can go home to their families too.

Our distributors love the fact that they are making their customers’ lives easier every day.

#7 Tremendous Customer Support

Matco Customer Service

Entrepreneurship can be scary. But with top-of-the-line training and marketing support, our franchisees never feel alone. Matco’s customer service team is available 16 hours a day to answer any questions our distributors may have.

Plus, our marketing team provides bi-weekly sales flyers and point of sale materials to help them expand their businesses.

#6 $10,000 military allowance

Matco Military Veterans

Matco Tools is grateful to all of those who have sacrificed for our country and wants to make it easier for veterans to become franchisees. We’ve recently doubled our military allowance to bring down initial start-up costs and make the process of owning one’s own business less stressful.

#5 Being a part of a team

Matco Tools Distributors

Our franchisees often state that the people they have met since becoming a franchise owner make all the difference in their day-to-day activities. Owners love the community they have formed with other franchise owners who are always eager to support and help each other achieve success.

#4 World-class training: #1 in mobile tool industry

Matco Training

Matco Tools offers a training program for franchise owners, which includes product training, business classes and sales training. Since Matco Tools offers twice the sales and business training of other automotive tool franchises, it’s no wonder that our franchisees continue to see tremendous success.

#3 More opportunities for owners & their families

Matco Family Business

Don’t just take it from us. Our own distributors can tell you how Matco helped them save for vacations, pay off debts and start putting money away for their children’s college funds.

#2 Minimal investment

Matco Truck

Compared to other franchise opportunities, the investment needed to start a Matco Tools franchise is minimal and oftentimes quite manageable for our owners.

Plus, Matco’s in-house financing program can cover up to 100% of start-up costs for those who qualify.

#1 It’s a heck of a lot of fun

Matco Drive a Franchise

If all of the other benefits weren’t enough, our owners just flat out enjoy what they do. And there’s no way to put a price tag on that.

Watch for yourself: 

Interested in learning more about owning a Matco Tools franchise?

To take the next step with a FREE "See How a Matco Franchise Works" report. This form is simply an initial indicator in finding out if franchising is right for you and your family. It will in no way commit you to buying a franchise.

For more information about Matco franchise opportunity, visit


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Tool Highlight Featuring The JSC450 / JSC480 Toolboxes

Posted by Gina Zimmerman

Matco Tools is always working to offer their customers the highest quality tools and equipment products. We know that our customers rely on these products to do their jobs day-in and day-out. One of the categories that Matco is most proud of is our toolbox offering. We’re very excited to highlight two toolboxes: the JSC450 and JSC480.

Tool Highlight:
JSC450 / JSC480 Toolboxes

Why the JSC450 / JSC480?

At Matco Tools, we’ve been looking for ways to provide customers with an entry-level toolbox that has the quality that they’ve come to expect from our company. This idea came from our toolbox plant in Jamestown, NY, a factory known for exceptional product development as well as production. This is a place where the emphasis is on quality over quantity and where functionality comes first.

So just who are these toolboxes made for? They can be used by anyone! Whether you are a new automotive technician, a DIY mechanic in your garage or a specialty mechanic, these toolboxes cover a wide user base.

The Features

JSC480 in Sapphire BlueThe JSC450 / JSC480 toolboxes have something that our other models do not. In comparison to carts of its size, this incredible product actually has a higher overall load capacity. This is a huge benefit, and to make it even sweeter, it is coupled with a longer warranty, which includes one year on the cart and lifetime on slides, caster and lock.

These toolboxes are very strong and built to last. With strong, fully welded columns in each corner, this product is designed for the long haul. On top of that, the upgraded stainless steel top not only has an aesthetic appeal but a functionality advantage since it doubles as a durable work surface.

The Design

Our designers at Matco Tools have gained a large amount of experience in the creation of our previous products. Brooke Colley, a designer for Matco Tools is one of many associates with that world-class knowledge. She has been working in sheet metal design since 2000 and with our toolbox plant since 2005. It is people like her and so many others who have come together to create the best products the tool market has to offer.

The overall concept in designing the JSC450 / JSC480 was to create a smaller toolbox with durable functionality at an affordable price. Several team members met and brainstormed to come up with the concept for the designs and after several discussions, they agreed upon the perfect fit for the Matco Tools brand.

Matco’s team of designers has a process that always results in success. It’s obvious that after many years of experience, they have the design and creation of their exceptional products down to a science. We’ve found that by having many members of the team involved at the front end of design, we can create great products that never cease to amaze our customers.

The Final Touch

Whether you are looking to replace an old toolbox, or you simply need to upgrade for more space, the JSC450 / JSC480 toolboxes could be just what you’re looking for. Matco Tools takes product development and production very seriously and is always looking to offer our customers the highest quality of products and these toolboxes are just another example.

Check out all of Matco's Service Tool Carts


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